"From the connection to the grid in January, to now about half a year, our park has accumulated more than 110,000 kWh of power, with an income of nearly 60,000 yuan, which is only a quarter of the total installed capacity." At the new energy power generation control center, Yang Hongwei, engineer of the Energy Division of Xinhang City City Operation Company, told the Beijing News Shell Finance reporter excitedly.

  This is the Beijing Free Trade Zone Innovation Service Center in the Beijing part of Beijing Daxing International Airport Airport Economic Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Daxing Airport Airport Zone").

In 2016, "Beijing New Airport Airport Economic Zone Planning (2016-2020)" was officially issued, announcing the official establishment of Beijing Daxing International Airport Airport Economic Zone.

In this core area of ​​about 150 square kilometers, a demonstration area that spans Beijing and Hebei and continues to practice new development concepts, Beijing has 50 square kilometers.

Low carbon has become the core spiritual core from the very beginning, forming an industrial development and economic life pattern based on green and low carbon.

  A reporter from Shell Finance found that solar energy, air energy and geothermal energy have formed a multi-energy complementary clean energy development situation in the airport area of ​​Daxing Airport. A target of 20% local renewable energy utilization has laid the groundwork.


  Start with a Linkong Think Tank

  From Beijing Daxing all the way to the south, passing through the contiguous Daxing New City Binhe Forest Park, an inconspicuous courtyard is hidden in the depths of the green plants, with green grass and flowing water.

This is Beijing Xinhangcheng Intelligent Ecological Technology Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Xinhangcheng Technology Research Institute"), which is a think tank tailored for the airport area of ​​Daxing Airport.

  "Even before the overall planning and control planning of this airport economic zone was formed, Xinhang City Company proactively launched a series of special planning and special research work to implement the new development concept. In order to ensure the real implementation of the new development concept, the establishment of the Xinhangcheng Technology Research Institute. Its purpose is to serve the airport area of ​​Daxing Airport, and to provide comprehensive technical services around the green ecology, low-carbon and intelligent development of the region.” Beijing Xinhangcheng Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xiahangcheng Holdings Zhang Congda, deputy general manager of the company and chairman of Xinhangcheng Technology Research Institute, told Shell Finance reporters.

  Shell Finance reporter learned that at present, Xinhang City Technology Research Institute has carried out a series of special studies on the airport area of ​​Daxing Airport, involving low-carbon routes, green buildings, green transportation, solid waste recycling, comprehensive utilization of energy, sponge city, vitality Humanities, industrial environment, smart cities, etc., and based on special research, the first comprehensive index system for airport economic zones in China has been constructed.

  Zhang Congda explained that the comprehensive indicator system is divided into 49 secondary indicators, and green and low-carbon is the core goal, accounting for 12 of the secondary indicators.

In this way, the slogan has been transformed into quantifiable specific indicators, forming the starting point of the work, and in the seven years of implementation, it has been dynamically adjusted and optimized in a targeted manner.

  It is in this comprehensive index system that the local renewable energy utilization rate is not less than 20%, which is at the leading level in similar regions, and combined with the characteristics of regional energy demand and resource endowments, the ground source heat pump and the regenerated water source heat pump are delineated. , innovative demonstration integrated energy and other energy supply areas, and the main achievements have been incorporated into the block control regulations of the airport area of ​​Daxing Airport.

In addition, the "area-area-project" full-process energy management mechanism in the airport area of ​​Daxing Airport also allows an overall goal to be decomposed into individual areas, plots and projects.

  Starting from a research institute, to the rise of an economic zone, the low-carbon concept, realistic path, effective implementation, and whole-process supervision have coordinated the bridgeheads of Hebei and Tianjin in the south of Beijing, colliding with brilliant sparks.

  status quo

  Low-carbon integration into production and life

  "Hurry up and sit in the house, there is fruit here, this is a drink." Seeing the visit of the Shell Finance reporter, Liu Hongmei, the relocated household, greeted warmly.

Since last September, more than 8,000 villagers in 23 villages in Yufa Town and Lixian Town, the noisy areas of Daxing Airport, received their resettlement house keys. After renovations, many villagers have moved into new houses one after another.

  Liu Hongmei moved from Cui Guijunying Village, the southernmost city in Beijing. She joked, "It is 12 kilometers from Beijing's Antarctic Village to the centralized resettlement area of ​​Yufa in the Linkong Economic Zone. Earth-shaking changes have taken place." Today, Liu Hongmei, who owns several houses and guards the airport area of ​​Daxing Airport, has also become a volunteer preacher in the town, turning her understanding of a better life into emotional speeches.

  In the resettlement house where Liu Hongmei lives, the solar thermal system is playing a role.

A reporter from Shell Finance found that solar hot water pipes collect heat into a centralized water tank and circulate it to all households for heat exchange. Most of the hot water for a total of 54 households on the 18th floor of a unit will come from such a system. Assure.

  According to the comprehensive energy security requirements, there are 210 residential buildings and 22,806 resettlement houses in the resettlement area, and the solar thermal domestic hot water security rate has reached 40%.

In terms of new energy security, the airport area of ​​Daxing Airport will build a comprehensive smart energy management and control platform, establish a group-type ground source heat pump, building-type ground source heat pump, regenerated water source heat pump, solar thermal and other district energy supply demonstration areas, and create an energy Internet demonstration area. Area.

At the same time, it also promotes green and low-carbon development through a series of measures such as the development of prefabricated buildings, the initiation of medium-volume rail transit planning, and the creation of a 5-minute charging circle.

  Hu Qing, manager of the Municipal Energy Department of Xinhangcheng Technology Research Institute, said, "In order to complete the energy consumption indicators of different plots, we have tried some model innovations, with the help of open spaces such as parks and green spaces, to create an intensive model with equal emphasis on ecological landscape and renewable energy utilization. space, while ensuring the achievement of renewable energy utilization goals, while minimizing the construction cost of enterprises.”

  Zhang Congda said, "The unique feature of the airport area of ​​Daxing Airport is that it has a comprehensive energy management mechanism from area to area to project."

  A reporter from Shell Finance found that in the airport area of ​​Daxing Airport today, both economic development and green and low carbon have been taken into account, and low carbon has been integrated into every aspect of production and life.


  Green Initiatives in the Park

  Power-generating glass, roof photovoltaics, and street-side wind turbines enter the free trade innovation service center in the airport area of ​​Daxing Airport. The industrial park of less than 100 acres is itself a small power station.

Combined with the building body, the park has been intensively built into a "multi-station-in-one" energy station, which realizes the intensive control and efficient integration of various energy sources such as electricity, cooling, heat and solar energy.

The park has obtained LEED/WELL (International Green Building Certification System) dual certification.

  In the integrated energy service center jointly established by Xinhangcheng Holding Company and State Grid Corporation of China, the big screen is flashing, and the real-time data of the power generation system that has been connected to the grid is being displayed.

  Yang Hongwei said: "We use the ground source heat pump for heating and cooling. The ground source heat pump can meet all the heating needs of the park in winter, and can meet 60%-80% of the load in summer, and the insufficient part can be supplemented by supporting units. ."

  According to the relevant person in charge of SIA City Holding Company, the integrated energy service platform has been connected to the grid to generate 110,000 kWh in half a year.

  According to the comprehensive energy utilization plan of the airport area of ​​Daxing Airport, the Innovation Service Center of the Free Trade Zone takes the lead in using shallow geothermal energy for cooling and heating, creating a renewable energy heating demonstration area.

According to estimates, the project can save 300 tons of standard coal annually after completion.

At the same time, in the first phase of the Central Park, which will be implemented this year, more than 3,800 ground source heat pump wells will be deployed to provide cooling and heating for the international communities and comprehensive protection areas around the park.

  Zhang Congda said, “Daxing Airport’s airport area is carrying out a double-carbon program study, which will further identify the mid-to-deep geothermal resources in the area, combined with the National Energy Administration’s county-wide rooftop photovoltaic power generation pilot program and Beijing’s 14th Five-Year Plan period. The construction of the green energy transformation demonstration area will further strengthen the utilization of renewable energy such as solar energy and geothermal energy in the airport area."

  Written in this edition/Beijing News Shell Finance reporter Bai Huabing Wu Tingting