Some online mooncake gift boxes are still playing "mix and match"

Our reporter Zhang Nan

  In order to allow moon cakes to be "lightly loaded", the revised national standard "Restriction of Excessive Packaging Requirements for Food and Cosmetics" will be officially implemented on August 15.

According to the requirements of the new national standard, the number of layers of moon cake packaging shall not exceed 3 layers; the gaps in the moon cake packaging shall be further compressed; the moon cake shall not be mixed with other products; the packaging materials shall not use precious metals and mahogany materials...

  Are the mooncake gift boxes sold in the market compliant?

Yesterday, the reporter went to Wumart Supermarket, Yonghui Supermarket, Weiduomei and other merchants to visit, and conducted an investigation on the sales of takeaway platforms and Taobao.

  Supermarket moon cakes have no "bonus gifts"

  Yesterday at 8:00 am, the reporter came to a Yonghui supermarket on the Middle Road of the North Third Ring Road, and saw all kinds of moon cakes piled up in conspicuous places, most of which were familiar brands such as Beijing Daoxiangcun and Fangshan.

The price of these mooncake gift boxes ranges from 59 yuan to 378 yuan, of which the price of one or two hundred yuan accounts for the majority.

The reporter opened the moon cake packaging box, and a moon cake revealed its true content. There were no other products mixed in the box, and no excessive packaging gap was found.

  The reporter then went to a Wumart supermarket. The mooncakes sold in the store were mostly cheap brands that people are familiar with.

The reporter opened the 383 yuan mooncake gift box with the highest price, and saw that the mooncakes were also packed in plastic trays and plastic packaging bags, there was no gap between the packaging, and no additional "bonus gifts" were seen.

  Bakeries such as Weiduomei have also set up a mooncake display area, where bulk mooncakes of different flavors are placed on trays.

The most expensive egg yolk lotus seed paste mooncake is 12.9 yuan per piece, and a variety of French mooncakes are 9.9 yuan per piece.

"This kind of bulk mooncakes is good. We are getting old and we can't finish the whole box of mooncakes. Buy a few pieces and try them in bulk. It's good for the Mid-Autumn Festival." Ms. Zhao, who was shopping in the store, told reporters.

  Online gift box contains masks and red wine

  How about the mooncake gift boxes sold online?

The reporter logged into Meituan Takeaway, entered the keyword "moon cake", and retrieved the special moon cakes launched by many catering companies.

  Among them, Man Man Hai Buddha Jumps Over the Wall (Asian Games Village Store) launched a "Man Man Reunion" mooncake gift box on the takeaway platform, priced at 398 yuan per box.

The sales page shows that in addition to 8 moon cakes of different flavors, the moon cake gift box also contains 4 suet jade white porcelain teacups and 1 can of ancient tree Dianhong tea.

The new national standard has made it clear that "moon cakes should not be mixed with other products".

  Hao Ma Yan Fresh Stewed Bird's Nest (Sanlitun Store) pre-sold a "Oriental Moon Banquet" bird's nest mooncake gift box on the takeaway platform, in addition to 6 flavors of bird's nest mooncakes, 3 boxes of Fuding white tea were also packed.

The merchants advertised in the promotional video: "This package is very face-saving as a gift", "How delicate and beautiful the (package) bronzing is".

Advertisement slogans such as "light luxury packaging" are also written on the promotional page.

Obviously, the mooncakes sold by this store are also not compliant.

  On, the reporter found that a shop called "Miao Nai Flagship Store" had slogans such as "customized light luxury luggage gift box" and "moon cake gift box with red wine". The moon cake gift box with red wine and Pu'er tea inside is still on sale. .

Another Taobao shop called "Xili Xiwai Flagship Store", the "built-in" products in the customized mooncake gift box are even more fancy. In addition to Jinjunmei small cans of tea and red wine, it can also be placed in a mobile phone holder. , masks, tea separation cups, fruit drinking cups, coffee, prayer pendants and other products that are "incompatible with moon cakes".

  Enforcement will be strictly enforced after the transition period

  The No. 1 revision of the national standard "Restriction of Excessive Packaging Requirements for Food and Cosmetics" was released in May this year, and the official implementation date was set as August 15.

From release to implementation, there is a "transition period" of nearly 3 months.

  In this regard, Liu Hongsheng, director of the Department of Standards and Technology of the State Administration for Market Regulation, once said that this year's Mid-Autumn Festival will be on September 10, and moon cakes will be listed in August. Effectively regulate this year's Mid-Autumn Festival market, but also allow enterprises to effectively digest inventory packaging.

It is hoped that production enterprises will increase their awareness of green development and design and produce this year's mooncake packaging in accordance with the new standards.

At the same time, the release of the new national standard several months in advance also leaves a "transition period" for companies to use inventory packaging. It is hoped that companies can digest inventory packaging as soon as possible several months in advance to ensure that inventory is digested before the implementation date of the new standard.

  In terms of supervision, the market supervision department will increase supervision and law enforcement, discover and investigate illegal acts, expose them in a timely manner, and form a deterrent.