[Explanation] The 2022 Intel China Academic Summit with the theme of "Gathering Wisdom to Create the Future Together" opened in Fuzhou, Fujian Province on August 10.

The two-day summit brought together more than 100 professors from various academic circles and senior industry experts to showcase scientific research achievements and advanced technical solutions, share cutting-edge technologies and insights, and discuss new models of industry-university-research cooperation.

  [Explanation] At present, the process of digitization and intelligence is advancing by leaps and bounds, which has brought endless demand for computing power. The release of data value and the exploration of the potential of the digital economy are urgently calling for continuous innovation in science and technology.

Wang Rui, senior vice president of Intel and chairman of Intel China, said that there are many economic and social challenges facing today. Only by making the direction of innovation more precise, making the pace of innovation faster, and making the application of innovation more popular can we better meet these challenges.

  [Concurrent] Wang Rui, Intel Senior Vice President and Intel China Chairman

  There is still a lot of space and distance between our good wishes for the digital world and the actual digitalization process of our industry. This is a big challenge and a very good opportunity for our entire industry. It is necessary to further release data. Value, tap the potential of the digital economy, innovation and cooperation between industry, academia and research, its importance and urgency are also increasing day by day.

  [Explanation] The Intel China Academic Summit can be traced back to 2003.

Over the years, Intel has also actively participated in various talent training programs of the Ministry of Education, and launched a global digital capability training program in line with the advent of the digital age.

  [Concurrent] Song Jiqiang, Vice President of Intel Research Institute and President of Intel China Research Institute

  The Intel China Academic Summit is a flagship platform held by Intel in China to conduct exchanges, cooperation and discussions with academia.

Give us a good opportunity. First of all, we can share with the leaders and teachers of these schools some of Intel's recent major technologies and trends in digital transformation, and what we can do in the future with university teachers, including students. Going to the point of cooperation, then secondly, we will also discuss with university teachers in which areas we can work with them to guide some of the achievements of academic cooperation to the industry.

So basically speaking, we want to achieve two goals through such a platform. One is to promote more cooperation between industry, universities and research institutes in the future, and the second is to achieve a better effect in the field of cultivating future talents. Some of the key points that Intel has discovered in the field of cutting-edge technology, whether it is software or hardware, can form some good courses or cooperation plans to cultivate future talents.

  [Concurrent] Wang Rui, Intel Senior Vice President and Intel China Chairman

  Ubiquitous computing, ubiquitous connections, the entire infrastructure from the cloud to the end, and the application of AI have all given us very powerful opportunities, and these four aspects at Intel we call it super technical power, The opportunities and challenges brought to us by this super technical force are just Intel's strengths. What we do is to continuously pave the way for computing capabilities, network capabilities and the application and implementation of AI in all walks of life, so We see very good opportunities and very good vision in this regard.

  [Explanation] This year coincides with the 20th anniversary of the Intel Cup 2022 Undergraduate Embedded System Invitational Competition. This competition focuses on artificial intelligence and edge computing, and received more than 130 innovative edge AI solutions based on Intel hardware or software platforms. .

During the summit, the invitational award ceremony was also held.

  [Concurrent] Wang Rui, Intel Senior Vice President and Intel China Chairman

  Like our summit today, we held it for the first time in 2003. This embedded competition is also held for the 20th year. We have contacted universities through various channels. The connection with the research institute, the use of competition methods and many platforms, we hope that the most cutting-edge scientific research and the most practical applications can be better combined, both are indispensable, we make in-depth scientific research have an application direction , we need to have a strong foundation for in-depth research in the direction of application in the actual industry, and we just connect all of this, so that we can truly benefit everyone in the world.

  [Explanation] Intel hopes that through this academic summit, it can help to further deepen the cooperation between domestic academia and industry, consolidate the platform for industry-university-research co-creation, promote academic development and industry co-construction, and work together to help the development of "Digital China".

  Reporter Wu Shengwei reports from Fuzhou, Fujian

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]