On the 16th, the Tokyo stock market and the Nikkei Stock Average showed small price movements.

▽The Nikkei Stock Average closing price on the 16th was 28,868.91 yen, 2.87 yen lower than on the 15th.

▽ Tokyo Stock Price Index = Topics dropped 3.00 to 1981.96.

▽ The daily trading volume was 969.65 million shares.

A market official said, ``While the sense of caution about the future of the US economy has eased somewhat from the view that the US's record-breaking inflation will subside in the future, it has led to buy orders, while stock prices have risen significantly recently. , There was also a movement to secure profits, and there was a mix of selling and buying.There were few factors for active trading, and with many investors on vacation, price movements were limited."