China News Service, Guangzhou, August 15 (Reporter Wang Jian) ​​"The 6G network will come to our side in 2030." Wei Yao, director of the Mobile and Terminal Technology Research Institute of China Telecom Research Institute, held the Guangzhou Science Popularization Forum held recently" "Bay Area Frontier Technology Creates the Future" said that 6G is more about the intelligent connection of everything, and people will shift from the interconnection of everything to the intelligent connection of everything.

This adds AI (artificial intelligence), digital twins, and the ability to integrate the sky, the earth, and the sea.

  In addition to "Internet of Everything", hot words such as "Metaverse" and "New Energy" also "appeared" at this forum, not only focusing on the manifestation of digital technology in many aspects of public life, but also focusing on the current cutting-edge technology in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area .

  At the forum, Wei Yao, XR augmented reality technology consultant Dai Mingcen, Chief Scientist of Juwan Technology Research Institute, and Dr. Mao Wenfeng, Dean of the Battery Research Institute, focused on the technological innovation of the Greater Bay Area from the aspects of XR technology, network technology development, and new energy battery technology breakthroughs. , to introduce more digital, smarter, and more potential cutting-edge technologies to the public, promote a more sustainable and lower-carbon lifestyle, while disseminating scientific knowledge and methods, keep abreast of the development of science and technology in the Greater Bay Area, and serve the public. Uncover the powerful engine of the Bay Area's take-off, and look forward to a bright future.

Photo courtesy of the Forum on-site Forum Organizing Committee

  What is the mystery behind the hot word "metaverse"?

Dai Mingcen believes that the Metaverse was born out of the experience economy, which itself is a tool designed to provide a convenient service for people's lives.

XR technology is the most representative, currently the most advanced, and the two most widely used product technologies, namely VR (virtual reality technology) and AR (augmented reality technology).

These two, together with artificial intelligence, digital twins, and a complete set of ecological solutions, constitute the application scenarios of XR.

  Looking forward to the future, Dai Mingcen believes that the application scenarios of XR will become more and more extensive, including the further use of digital technology to achieve cross-departmental data continuity, promote global departmental cooperation, and enhance personnel capabilities; intelligent technology can enhance the value of industrial production and achieve Different eye-catching achievements; expert remote guidance will realize auxiliary installation, maintenance, demonstration and training.

  In the context of "dual carbon", new energy vehicles have developed rapidly in recent years.

Dr. Mao Wenfeng, chief scientist of Juwan Technology Research Institute and president of the Battery Research Institute, answered hot topics such as how to ensure the safety of new energy vehicle batteries and whether the battery life can be further improved.