China News Service, August 16. The National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference for August on the 16th.

Yuan Da, director of the National Economic Comprehensive Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, said at the meeting that since the beginning of this year, the employment of young people has faced greater pressure.

Comprehensive analysis, this is the result of the interweaving and superposition of multiple factors such as total amount and structure, periodicity and seasonality.

The total number of youth employment is relatively large this year, with college graduates alone reaching 10.76 million, an increase of 1.67 million over last year and a record high.

  Affected by the epidemic, some localities and industry market players have encountered temporary difficulties, their ability to absorb employment has declined, and some companies have reduced their recruitment and recruitment. The difficulty of finding a job has caused the youth unemployment rate to rise in stages.

At the same time, structural contradictions in employment continue to emerge, and problems such as the disconnection between the supply and demand of talents in some fields and the low degree of matching between people and positions still need to be further resolved.

  In the next step, the National Development and Reform Commission will work with relevant departments to implement policies such as stabilizing the economy, stabilizing market entities, and stabilizing jobs and expanding employment. At the same time, it will make precise efforts from four aspects to promote entrepreneurship and employment, and make every effort to do a good job in colleges and universities. Employment of graduates and other youth groups.

  The first is to study and launch a batch of practical and effective measures to support entrepreneurship and employment.

Accelerate the implementation of a package of policies and measures to stabilize the economy, and continue to enhance the driving force of economic development on employment.

Quickly implement the spirit of the "Notice on Further Doing a Good Job in the Employment and Entrepreneurship of College Graduates and Other Youth", and guide local governments to introduce greater support according to local conditions on the basis of implementing the 15 inclusive policy lists that entrepreneurship drives employment and supports college graduates' entrepreneurship and employment. The entrepreneurship and employment policy for college graduates has solidly promoted the implementation of the special action of entrepreneurship and employment, and created more high-quality employment opportunities.

At the same time, focus on strengthening employment guidance services, continue to deepen the integration of production and education, promote the construction of public training bases, and help carry out large-scale vocational training.

  The second is to speed up the cracking of a number of pain points that restrict entrepreneurship and employment.

Work with relevant parties to improve the policy support system for college graduates' entrepreneurship and employment, and do everything possible to open up market-oriented employment channels.

Extensive collection of local entrepreneurship and employment reform appeals, focus on key points, and deploy and implement a number of reform measures to solve pain points and block points.

Solidly promote the implementation of the comprehensive innovation and reform tasks that have been deployed, help local governments to coordinate and solve difficulties and problems encountered in the reform process, and strive to achieve early results.

  The third is to plan to hold a number of key activities to promote employment through entrepreneurship.

Make preparations for the entrepreneurship and innovation activity week, focus on promoting the entrepreneurship and employment of college graduates, and further enrich the form, content and key activities of the activity week.

Actively coordinate relevant parties to hold a series of activities such as the China International "Internet +" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, "Maker China" SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, spread innovation and entrepreneurship culture, cultivate an atmosphere of innovation and entrepreneurship, enhance innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities, and expand entrepreneurship and employment space .

  The fourth is to publicize and promote a batch of typical experiences of entrepreneurship to drive employment.

Strengthen the interpretation of relevant policies on mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and promptly sort out, summarize, publicize and promote the experience and practices of various localities in promoting entrepreneurship and employment.

Give full play to the role of the Alliance of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Bases, and organize a series of on-site meetings to exchange experience on entrepreneurship and employment, promote mutual learning and learn from each other, and connect entrepreneurship and employment resources.

(Zhongxin Finance)