As digitalization in the medical field becomes an issue, major trading companies are moving one after another to develop new businesses such as health management services using apps.

Of these, Mitsui & Co. has started a service to provide an app version of the medical book "Home Medicine" published by a subsidiary in April this year.

In addition to the latest information on diseases supervised by specialist doctors, you can also know the guideline such as whether to see a hospital immediately according to your symptoms, and you can also search for nearby medical institutions.

In addition, from this month, we are also working on a service that provides individual guidance within the app for employees who need health guidance regarding lifestyle-related diseases in a corporate health checkup.

Rieko Terada, Director of Health Doujinsha, said, "I hope it will become the infrastructure of each household as a tool that can be relied on when it comes to preventing illness or deciding whether to go to the hospital."

In addition, Mitsubishi Corporation's subsidiary has been fully operating a dedicated site since last month in order to support the digitization of medical institutions, which has an increasing need as a countermeasure against new corona infections.

Among them, you can search for companies that provide systems according to the problems that medical institutions want to solve, such as online medical examinations, creation of medical questionnaires using AI, and cashless payments.

Attention will be paid to how far digitalization, which is an issue in the medical field, will progress through these services.