The law adopted by Congress provides for the release of 52.7 billion dollars (51.5 billion euros) in subsidies for production and research & development in the sector.

Chief executives from Micron, Intel, Lockheed Martin, HP and Advanced Micro Devices will attend the signing, along with auto industry leaders, labor unions, various governors and officials, the White House said.

The latter considers that the adoption of the text will encourage investment.

She cites the example of Micron, which has announced that it will invest 40 billion dollars in the manufacture of memory chips, which will increase the market share of the United States from 2 to 10% in this area.

The new law also provides a 25% investment tax credit for chip factories, totaling an estimated $24 billion.

In order to compete with China, 200 billion dollars will be injected over 10 years to stimulate American scientific research.

Congress will still have to pass an appropriation bill to fund these investments.

Obviously, the Chinese embassy in Washington has expressed its firm opposition to this plan, considering that it recalls the “mentality of the Cold War”.


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