The financial results for the first half of this year for the four major beer makers all increased due to the increase in sales of beer-based beverages for restaurants as the demand for eating out is returning.

Four major beer companies announced by the 10th, the financial results of the entire group for the first half of this year until June, compared to the same period of the previous year,

▽ Suntory Holdings was 1.373 trillion yen, 15%.

Asahi Group Holdings increased by 11%,

Kirin Holdings by 6%, and

▽ Sapporo Holdings by 7%


The main factors behind this increase were the increase in sales of beer-based beverages to restaurants and the increase in overseas sales, mainly of alcoholic beverages, as the demand for eating out has returned as movement restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic have been lifted. .

On the other hand, the final profit and loss was divided between bright and dark as the impact of rising costs such as soaring raw material prices spread.

Although Suntory and Kirin, which had strong overseas business, secured an increase in profit, there was also a rebound from the temporary profit recorded in the previous year due to the sale of real estate, Asahi decreased profit, and Sapporo was in the red at the end.

In addition, each company has decided to raise the price of its main beer-based beverages since October, and Asahi Group Holdings President Atsushi Katsuki said, ``We expect demand to decrease by about 5%, and there is a decrease. I would like to strengthen sales so that it does not last for a long time."