On the evening of August 9, China's first mecha hard sci-fi masterpiece "Tomorrow's War", directed by Wu Xuanhui, with Gu Tianle as the director and starring Gu Tianle, Liu Qingyun and Carina Lau, held its IMAX premiere in Beijing.

Gu Tianle made a surprise appearance at the event, shared the story of the filming process with the media and audience present, and shared the team's thinking in the process of exploring new Chinese science fiction themes.

  The movie "Tomorrow's War" tells a thrilling adventure story: the environment of the future world continues to deteriorate, a meteorite falls to the earth, and brings the extremely lethal alien creature Pandora.

Mecha warrior Tai Lai (played by Gu Tianle) and his comrades-in-arms Zheng Chongsheng (played by Liu Qingyun), Guangzai (played by Wan Guopeng) and old friend Skunk (played by Jiang Haowen) jointly resisted the invasion of alien monsters. After seeing through the villain's conspiracy and defeating the renegade mecha army, the B16 area and even more human beings are finally protected.

  As the first mecha hardcore sci-fi giant in China, "Tomorrow's War" has attracted a large number of fans after its release on August 4. The film has hardcore mecha special effects, hearty fighting scenes, and mechas incorporating Chinese elements. , Robot design, is called "a visual feast for sci-fi mecha fans" by mecha enthusiasts.

  The box office of "Tomorrow's War" quickly exceeded 100 million on the day it was released. As of August 9, according to Maoyan Professional Edition data, the film's box office reached 240 million and continues to rise.

  As the director and starring role of the film, Gu Tianle shared his love for mechas and the original intention of film creation with everyone on the spot: "Sci-fi films must be filmed once to see how strong we are." Gu Tianle talked, In the early days of the film's conception, I received reminders from friends and seniors around me that I felt that this innovative attempt was too risky.

But Gu Tianle is still willing to do his part for the diversified exploration of Chinese science fiction movies, and despite the constant challenges, he still insists on completing this work.

  When referring to the oriental characteristics of the film, Gu Tianle shared two thoughts.

The first is the thinking of the global environment. The overall environment of the film presents a model style, which not only adds more unexpected extreme challenges to the plot, but also contains the meaning that human beings should cherish the current global environment and jointly protect their homeland.

The second is that the mecha design should have the plot and romance of oriental heroes. Gu Tianle said that "Tomorrow's War" is different from the individual heroism of the West, and wants to show everyone the importance of team spirit.

The expression of the core ideas and cultural connotations of the film is in line with the value orientation of the Chinese people, showing a unique oriental charm.

  For Gu Tianle personally, the birth of "Tomorrow's War" also allowed him to achieve a personal breakthrough from actor to director production.

Unlike actors, being a director means making more courageous decisions and firming the creative direction of a work.

During the exchange, he said that in order to ensure a compact and exciting plot, some details of the life of the residents of the B16 district had to be cut out in the later editing stage, as well as the details of the characters such as why the protagonist Tailai needs to wear hearing aids, so as to ensure that the final presentation to the audience is a main story. Clear mecha sci-fi action movie.

  Just like the story in "Tomorrow's War" that team fighting can create miracles, the launch of a groundbreaking film is inseparable from the efforts of the creative team behind it.

According to the recollection of Wan Guopeng (played by Guangzai in the film), who was present at the scene, the temperature at the scene was very high when the film was filmed. He was wearing an ordinary combat uniform at the time. After a scene, the close-fitting T-shirt was already soaked, and he needed to take off and wring out the sweat. , and Liu Qingyun, Gu Tianle and other actors are all dressed in metal, heavier mecha suits, and still insist on shooting many difficult action scenes, which makes him very admired.

In addition to the actors, the collaborative polishing of the production team is equally important. It took nearly 4 years for the pre-production + post-production special effects to present the current film effects.

  The crew made concerted efforts to escort "Tomorrow's War" and strive to bring audio-visual surprises to the audience.

An audience member said excitedly to Gu Tianle: "Although the production process of "Tomorrow's War" is very long and difficult, I believe that as long as the first person walks on such a strange road, there will be a second person. , follow the footsteps of the third person. Thank you very much for being the pioneer of sci-fi movies, and I especially hope that there will be more Chinese-language filmmakers to enrich Chinese-language movies and sci-fi universes!"

  "Tomorrow's War" achieves a breakthrough in Chinese sci-fi themes.

With the rapid development of China's film industry, Chinese films will also become more diversified, globalized, flourishing, and getting better and better.