How to live forever?

This ancient and modern Chinese and foreign problem seems to have an easy solution on the e-commerce platform. In the past two years, major e-commerce platforms have been selling a kind of "nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN)" core ingredient. Elixir".

These products are claimed to be imported through cross-border e-commerce channels. The official overseas flagship stores sell for thousands of yuan per bottle, which is beyond the reach of ordinary people.

However, recently, more and more overseas shopping stores have been promoting "2 capsules a day, they will never get old", while lowering the price to more than 100 yuan per bottle, which can be eaten for a month.

Is it true that such a cheap and easy-to-use "elixir" can be youthful for more than 100 yuan per month?

  In the scientific community, the anti-aging effect of NMN is supported by certain experimental results, but whether it can be used as a food and drug is still inconclusive.

my country has strict regulatory standards for health products, food or drugs, such as raw material and product stability tests, toxicological safety evaluation tests, etc.

None of these tasks have been completed by NMN.

At the beginning of last year, the State Administration of Market Supervision organized provincial market supervision departments to investigate the illegal operation of "elixirs" with NMN as the main ingredient in their jurisdictions; The reply stated that NMN has not obtained licenses for new food raw materials, food additives, health food and medicines in my country, and cannot be produced and sold as food and medicines.

  It is precisely because the production and operation of "elixirs" is suspected of being illegal, that the merchants have gone around in a big circle, using cross-border e-commerce to move their products back to China. Media investigations have found that a large number of NMN products have been established abroad, acquired and acquired abroad. Enterprises and other methods produce, and then return to China for sales in the name of "overseas brands".

Some brands claim to be imported with original packaging, but the product labels do not conform to the formal format of cross-border e-commerce products, and there is no record number. Some brands are even too lazy to find cross-border logistics or bonded warehouses to "bath", and send them directly from a domestic wholesale market. The goods may indeed be domestic products in "foreign skin".

  Consumers don't know the twists and turns behind this, but they are just planted by the cool high-tech copywriting of the merchants.

Moreover, the "personality" of "Elixir" is very clever. Whether you can live forever after eating it will take several years to observe. Anyway, during the 7-day no-reason return guarantee period, it is difficult for consumers to see the effect.

Therefore, in the purchase evaluation and shopping sharing, most consumers can only leave good wishes such as "hope to be effective", while those who are determined to eat "return the metabolic capacity 10 to 20 years ago" and "start anti-aging from the core of the cell" ” sharing, a closer look has an advertising logo.

More importantly, because they claim to use cross-border e-commerce channels, most merchants do not support returns without reason within 7 days. Even if consumers feel bad, they will lose the opportunity to protect their rights.

  Facts show that "elixirs" are in a gray area of ​​supervision. Even if the real effect is not considered, there are still chaos such as false label content and false propaganda.

"Food Industry Science and Technology" published a paper in the first half of this year, testing 6 kinds of NMN products on the market, and found that some products falsely reported NMN content, and some actual content was only one-third of its nominal value.

Cross-border e-commerce is not a sanctuary for illegal commodities, and its business operations are also governed by my country's Advertising Law and E-commerce Law.

Whether NMN is really anti-aging remains to be studied; whether it is legal to sell in a way of bypassing supervision by cross-border e-commerce needs to be clarified by regulatory authorities and platforms.

However, problems such as false propaganda and false label content that are not supported by the "elixirs" should be corrected.

  In my country, NMN is still in the research stage.

This year, it was approved for filing as a new cosmetic raw material, indicating that its ingredient efficacy has a certain scientific nature.

Enterprises that want to produce and sell NMN food and drugs should carry out basic research under the guidance of relevant departments, clarify the technical requirements of products such as the mechanism of action, raw material preparation, production process, etc., and reach a standardized production level.

If effective NMN anti-aging drugs can be produced legally and compliantly, why not sell them?

(Source of this article: Economic Daily Author: She Ying)