Recently, Geely's new A-class flagship SUV based on the CMA architecture, the FX11, ushered in its global debut, debuting the Raytheon Hi·F gasoline-electric hybrid version and the Drive-E high-performance power version, and also announced the new car's performance. Official name: Boyue L.

Among them, "L" stands for Larger (larger), Luxury (flagship) and Legend (return of the king), meaning "intelligent SUV innovator".

Boyue L will redefine the new intelligence of A-class SUVs with five world-class intelligent technologies and ten hard-core standard equipment, allowing global users to share the dividends of technological progress.

At that time, Boyue L and Xingyue L will form Geely's dual flagship lineup in the A-class SUV market, leading China's A-class SUVs to fully enter the intelligent era.

At the event site, Geely Auto also announced the benefits of Boyue L's "Super Lucky Fans": the first 1,000 users who place an order can enjoy the rights of "5,000 yuan deposit to 10,000 yuan for car purchases". This event will be held in August. Officially opened on the 10th.

At the same time, Geely also announced that it will launch the "Super Intelligent Driving Experience Officer Recruitment Program", consumers in ten cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Tianjin, etc., can experience the innovation created by Boyue L first. value.

Five intelligent technologies and ten hard-core standard equipment, Boyue L comprehensively innovates the standard of intelligent SUV

(Pictured: General Manager of Geely Automobile Sales Company - Fan Junyi sharing the popularization of Boyue L's 5 major intelligent innovations)

  The comprehensively innovative CMA architecture endows the Boyue L with the mechanical qualities of a luxury brand.

The 35.8m racing-level braking distance of 100 kilometers, the Sino-European joint professional chassis adjustment and the 78km/h elk test limit speed make the Boyue L "uniquely talented" in the underlying structure.

More importantly, Boyue L is empowered by the technology of GEEA2.0 evolvable intelligent electronic and electrical architecture. Based on the support of FLEX Ray bus "super neural network" and 5G network high-speed transmission, it can realize vehicle power chassis, body control, intelligent Cross-domain collaboration between systems such as driving safety and infotainment.

All-scene and full-cycle FOTA allows Boyue L to bring users a faster, smoother, smarter, and evolvable intelligent driving experience.

  In the field of intelligent hybrid, the Boyue L is supported by the Raytheon Hi·X hybrid platform, which can bring users a high-value experience of free charging, long battery life, fuel consumption, pure electric power, and hybrid driving.

Among them, the world's first variable frequency hybrid electric drive 3DHT Pro has 20 intelligent working modes and 3 gear ratios, which can realize parallel drive at full speed and power on call.

According to the test, the NEDC fuel consumption of the Boyue L Raytheon Hi·F fuel-electric hybrid is only 4.2L per 100 kilometers, the NEDC comprehensive endurance can reach 1300km, and the acceleration time from 0 to 50km/h is only 3.5s.

  In terms of intelligent driving, Boyue L is equipped with the NOA lane-level automatic driving pilot system first launched by Geely, which can realize automatic driving from point A to point B in high-speed elevated scenarios, and the driver only needs to do necessary supervision to truly realize the driving subject. The transition from people to cars.

With the support of centimeter-level high-precision positioning, human-machine co-driving VR navigation and full-lane dynamic monitoring technology, the system can realize automatic on-ramp, automatic lane-change dodging, automatic lane-change overtaking, automatic avoidance of large trucks, automatic deceleration on curves, More than 100 high-speed driving scenarios such as confluence automatic speed control and tunnel accident avoidance are fully covered, and the driver's hands are freed to the greatest extent with automatic path finding and automatic driving.

  Boyue L also uses a more dimensional human-vehicle interaction method to create a warm and intelligent "mobile space".

The world's first wrap-around emotional light curtain can express "emotion" by simulating voiceprint beats, breathing rate, and changes in running water. , creating a very ceremonial and ornamental cockpit environment.

Supported by the flagship car chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155, the world's premiere Geely Galaxy OS Air version features a 13.2-inch vertical screen, Free Touch light UI, short-link interaction design, high-frequency function one-click direct access and V01 offline AI The voice chip will bring users a silky and smooth consumer electronics-level interactive experience.

In addition, Boyue L also uses a 25.6-inch AR-HUD augmented reality head-up display, HARMAN INFINITY headrest audio and the world's first intelligent AI micro-climate housekeeper to innovate a full-sensory ecological interactive experience.

  In the field of intelligent safety, Boyue L applies Geely's original "seven-layer intelligent safety recognition circle", which can provide information safety, driving safety, assisted driving system, information assistance and safety warning, active accident avoidance safety, passive collision safety, Comprehensive safety protection such as accident alarm and rescue.

Boyue L is also equipped with 26 full-scenario active safety assistance systems including ALCA automatic lane change assistance system, EMA emergency steering assistance, and ELKA emergency lane keeping assistance.

In addition, Boyue L also adopts extreme safety design including 32,000Nm/° body torsional stiffness, intelligent unloading body design, 5 times the vehicle weight roof compression, 1.8° world vision A-pillar and other extreme safety designs to create all-round safety.

(Pictured: General Manager of Geely Automobile Sales Company - Fan Junyi is sharing the "Top Ten Hard-core Standard Configurations" of Boyue L)

  With the help of five world-class intelligent technologies, Boyue L has achieved innovation and popularization in five core areas, and launched Geely Galaxy OS Air version, 13.2-inch central control vertical screen, 10.25-inch digital LCD instrument, L2-level intelligent driving assistance system, 540° God Eye transparent chassis, mobile phone APP remote control, aerospace-grade 7-series aluminum alloy anti-collision beam, 178LX digital rhythm LED headlights, racing-grade braking system and one-piece boron steel hot-formed door knockers are the "ten hard core standard", established From the core leading edge, it redefines the access standard of the smart SUV market.

Digital symphony technology aesthetics, refresh the world expression of Chinese aesthetics

  Corresponding to the innovative intelligent product force is the innovative design of Boyue L.

As the first mass-produced car based on the "Vision Starburst" concept car, Boyue L adopts a new design concept of "digital symphony technology aesthetics", which not only inherits the classic "ripple" design elements, but also integrates the sense of intelligent technology and the future. It is organically integrated with oriental aesthetics, perfectly interpreted with visual symbols such as staggered, twisted, extended, and pulsed, which interprets the spirit of fusion and innovation in traditional Chinese culture, and refreshes the world expression of Chinese aesthetics again.

The Boyue L is designed with a two-color body and a suspended roof.

The tidal waistline extending from the front wheel eyebrow straight up to the rear window, combined with the large 20-inch silver-black star disc wheel, endows the Boyue L with more dynamism and passion.

The new car is also equipped with anti-virus door handles with a sterilization rate of more than 99%, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses for a long time.

The body size of Boyue L is 4670×1900×1705mm, and it has a super-long wheelbase of 2777mm, which is leading in its class. Combined with the design of short front and rear overhangs, it forms a leading axle-length ratio of 59.5% in its class, which not only brings stable control , but also bring more ample vertical practical space for the car.

(Pictured: Gan Jiayue, CEO of Geely Automobile Group, sharing the innovative genes of Boyue L)

  As a brand-new strategic model of Geely brand, Boyue L is not only the culmination of Geely's "five smart technologies", but also the "top ten hard-core standard configuration" that allows users to enjoy the latest smart technology dividends, with comprehensive innovative product strength The return of the king of A-class smart SUVs.

As Gan Jiayue, CEO of Geely Automobile Group, said at the press conference: "Innovation is the gene flowing in Geely's blood. From Boyue to Boyue L, Geely has brought users a new generation of smart cars. .Boyue L benefits users with the latest, most popular, and best-used smart technologies, injecting ever-evolving vitality into smart cars. Geely will also continue to create new markets with the full support of new smart technologies "Exciting point", constantly innovating the technological experience of intelligent interaction in automobiles."