China News Service, Hong Kong, August 9 (Reporter Wei Huadu) Deloitte, an international accounting firm, held press conferences in Hong Kong and Beijing simultaneously on the 9th to release the "Deloitte China Fiscal Year 2022 Social Impact Report".

The report pointed out that Deloitte China will promote coordinated regional development, help enterprises in the Greater Bay Area to seize opportunities, and promote the exchange of talents and intelligence in the Greater Bay Area.

  Deloitte China has released the Social Impact Report for the third consecutive year, presenting the achievements and latest cases of the company itself and its partners in the three dimensions of impact assessment: business, environment and society.

  According to the report, Deloitte China is expanding its investment and business in the Greater Bay Area, and plans to establish the Deloitte Greater Bay Area Development Research Center, the Deloitte Resource Center, and the Deloitte Cyber ​​Security Operations Service Center.

At the same time, the "Greater Bay Area Innovation Training Camp" project is launched, which is held in turn in 11 cities in the Greater Bay Area every year to provide innovative solutions and build talent platforms for key development areas in the region.

In addition, Deloitte China plans to invest HK$1 billion in the next three years to promote the upgrading and transformation of Deloitte Hong Kong business.

  The report also pointed out that Deloitte China’s total social impact investment in fiscal year 2022 is nearly 35 million yuan, and the total time spent in volunteer and public welfare professional services exceeds 56,000 hours, an increase of 59% and 86.7% respectively compared with fiscal year 2021, and more than 1.5 million beneficiaries. people.

  Zeng Shunfu, CEO of Deloitte China, said at the press conference, "Deloitte China will increase investment in business capabilities, talent training and social welfare in 2022. We will continue to strengthen capacity building and investment in innovation, to fulfill the company's social commitment, and to work with the society. All walks of life join hands to create a better life." (End)