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It was found that the functions of domestic and overseas smart watches sold in the market differ by product.

As a result of testing and evaluation of eight smartwatches by the Korea Consumer Agency, Garmin, Samsung, Xiaomi, Apple, Amazfit, and Fitbit performed excellently in heart rate measurement after walking indoors and outdoors.

All products were excellent in step count accuracy, and Samsung, Xiaomi, Apple, Amazfit, and Fitbit were excellent in exercise distance measurement accuracy.

Xiaomi had the longest battery life at 9.2 days, while Samsung and Apple had the shortest at 2.3 days.


The amount of accidents in which the landlord did not return the deposit to the jeonse tenant hit an all-time high last month.

The Housing and Urban Guarantee Corporation announced last month that the total amount of guarantee insurance accidents for the return of deposits for Jeonse Deposit totaled 87.2 billion won, exceeding the record high of 74.2 billion won in December last year.

It is analyzed that the number of cases where landlords are unable to return the security deposit to tenants is increasing as the number of 'can jeonse', where the price of Jeonse exceeds the sale price due to the recent weakness in house prices.


After 10 months of negotiations with the labor union, Samsung Electronics finally agreed to a wage negotiation, marking the first wage agreement with the union in 53 years.

The labor union joint bargaining group consisting of four labor unions within Samsung Electronics recently voted to vote on the '2021-2022 interim wage bargaining agreement'.

The agreement included an increase in the number of days paid for consideration for holidays and the formation of a task force to improve the wage peak system and the comprehensive wage system.

The labor union decided to follow the level previously set by the company for the wage increase rate.