The epidemic situation in Sanya and tourists on the island have received much attention recently.

  According to reports, from 0:00 on August 1 to 12:00 on August 6, a total of 455 confirmed cases and 103 asymptomatic infections were found in Sanya City.

  From 6:00 on August 6, the whole city of Sanya will implement temporary global static management.

On the same day, the railway department also banned all sales in Sanya, and citizens could not leave Sanya by railway.

  He Shigang, deputy mayor of Sanya City, Hainan Province, introduced on the 5th that it is estimated that there are more than 80,000 tourists staying in Sanya. He has asked tourism-related departments, including industry associations, to strive to provide services and comfort to tourists, and inform them in a timely manner. Tourist related policies.

According to the press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic held in Sanya City on the 6th, there are currently about 32,000 people stranded in the hotel. For tourists staying in the hotel, the hotel will provide half-price renewal services from the 6th. After tourists complete the 7-day risk investigation, You can leave the island after an assessment.

  The owners of hotels and homestays in Sanya told The Paper that they will provide some stranded tourists with help and services on board and lodging.

Medical team members from many places have also arrived in Sanya to assist in epidemic prevention and control work such as nucleic acid testing.

"Strive to ensure the food and accommodation of tourists"

  Zhong Fengmao, deputy director of the Sanya Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports Bureau, introduced at the press conference on August 3 that according to the work plan of the special class for unsubscribing complaints from the tourism and accommodation industry in Sanya, the working mechanism for the special class for unsubscribing will be launched immediately to simplify the unsubscribing process. Improve the efficiency of refunds, and properly do a good job in order cancellation due to force majeure factors such as the epidemic.

  The press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic held in Sanya City on August 6 also mentioned that for the stranded tourists staying in the hotel, the hotel can provide the stranded passengers with a half-price renewing service.

  The Curio Collection by Hilton Hotel in Sanya is located in the Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City Park, which has been greatly affected by the epidemic.

From August 2, all free measures have been implemented for stranded tourists, and breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets are provided free of charge every day.

According to the person in charge of the hotel, there is a nucleic acid testing point near the hotel, which is convenient for tourists staying in the hotel to carry out nucleic acid testing.

  The person in charge of the hotel told The Paper, "There are more than 200 hotels in the hotel. When there is no epidemic, the rooms are basically full. Check-in needs to be booked in advance. Now tourists are mainly forced to stay, and those who can leave are basically gone." He It is mentioned that the hotel will receive basic subsidies from the government, and the subsequent business arrangements will also depend on the epidemic policy.

  All compliance with policy arrangements and trying to meet the needs of tourists have become the criteria for many homestay hotel businesses in Sanya.

  Xiao Zheng, born in the 90s, is the owner of the Meihaijing B&B Apartment here in Sanya. He has been running a B&B in Sanya for seven or eight years.

Regarding the sudden epidemic, he also expressed that he should actively cooperate with the policy and refund all guests who need to check out.

"Only five tourists who were stranded in Sanya continued to stay, and they all discounted their prices."

  In the face of the impact of the epidemic on business, Xiao Zheng also seemed quite helpless, "I hope the epidemic will get better soon."

"Wearing protective clothing every day is like being in water"

  In the face of the large number of tourists stranded due to the epidemic, in addition to the transfer and resettlement of personnel, it is also an important part to ensure the nucleic acid testing of tourists and residents.

  Zhang Ting (pseudonym), who has been working in nursing for six years, describes herself as an "old nurse". She lives in Wanning and has already participated in many epidemic prevention and control work.

On August 2, Zhang Ting rushed to Sanya from Wanning for support.

  Zhang Ting told The Paper that the medical staff would gather around 5:30 every day from around 4:00 a.m. The Jiyang district where she is located is considered a relatively serious area.

"At present, my job is to conduct nucleic acid sampling at different locations. Our usual shift is 4 hours, and some people can't bear to take off their protective clothing in advance to change shifts."

  Even if it rains, the highest temperature in Sanya in August is above 30 degrees. Zhang Ting shared her daily life on social platforms. In the photo, her hands have been soaked in sweat and turned white.

"When wearing protective clothing in the temperature of Sanya, the whole body is like soaking in water."

  On the afternoon of August 6, the Hainan Provincial New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters introduced at a press conference that the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism to support Hainan teams has arrived one after another, and quickly established a national, provincial and city (county) joint working mechanism. Coordinate external defense against input and internal defense against rebound and spillover.

The whole province dispatched and supported Sanya, and established a provincial and municipal joint working group and a "1+2" ​​team to improve the efficiency of epidemic handling.

  In addition, Hainan will carry out nucleic acid testing across the province and optimize nucleic acid sampling strategies.

Implement static control over the entire city of Sanya, and strive to achieve social zero as soon as possible.

Within the control area, tourism-related departments, associations and enterprises strive to provide comfort and service for tourists, and properly handle the area management and control of stranded passengers, evacuation of outlying islands, and the protection of citizens' living materials.

  Outside Hainan Province, medical teams from all over the country are also rushing to Sanya to help ensure local nucleic acid testing.

According to CCTV, at 19:34 on August 6, flight CZ6740 carrying 160 Guangdong medical team members arrived at Sanya Phoenix International Airport.

This batch of medical team members will immediately join the local nucleic acid detection work in Sanya, and will also establish a gas membrane nucleic acid laboratory to receive nucleic acid samples to assist the nucleic acid detection in Sanya.

  On the third day of supporting Sanya, Zhang Ting sampled more than 50 "yellow codes" and hundreds of "green codes".

She wrote on social platforms: "It's obviously such a good summer! How can there be an epidemic? Come on, Sanya!"