The white elephant responded that "the bread is full of ants":

  The problem is likely to be in the storage, logistics and other links

  Red Star Capital Bureau reported on August 4th, according to Xiaoxiang Morning News, a consumer complained recently that the white elephant instant noodle cakes they bought were full of ants.

In the end, the consumer claimed that a White Elephant staff had contacted him and compensated him for 1,000 yuan in accordance with relevant laws.

  On August 4, Baixiang issued a statement in response to the incident, saying: After verification, this matter is by no means a quality problem in the company's production process.

  Red Star Capital Bureau called White Elephant, and White Elephant responded that there are live ants in the photos and videos provided by consumers, but its products will be strictly disinfected and inspected when they leave the factory, and no living bodies will be left.

Therefore, live ants are unlikely to appear in production.

Problems are likely to occur in storage, logistics and other links.

  It is understood that the consumers concerned bought Baixiang instant noodles from Jingdong Supermarket.

  Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News reporter Yu Yao and Zhang Luxi