“Economy and Tourism”: 53% of about 12.4 million hotel guests are domestic travelers

Domestic tourism in Dubai records unprecedented growth during 2021

Dubai continues to launch initiatives to ease procedures in order to attract tourism and business travelers.


The Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai reported that Dubai's amazing tourism performance in 2021 can be partially attributed to an unprecedented rise in the domestic tourism sector in the UAE, noting its positive impact on accelerating growth in light of the "Covid-19" pandemic.

tourism strategy

In its annual report for 2021, the department stated that the UAE's internal tourism strategy, which was launched in December 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, aims to double domestic tourism revenues by 2030, and achieve a greater balance between domestic and international tourism, pointing out that this ambitious strategy is still in progress. On the right track to achieve its goals.

Domestic Travelers

She added that in 2021, domestic travelers accounted for 53% of about 12.4 million hotel guests in Dubai, despite the overall increase in the number of international travelers who visited the city during that time, compared to only 24% of about 17.5 million guests registered in Dubai. 2019, in the pre-pandemic period.


She revealed that because the closures due to the emerging Corona virus, led to severely restricting global travel in 2020, domestic travelers made up 52% ​​of the total, explaining that what makes the performance of 2021 even more impressive, is that domestic travelers accounted for 11 million Nights out of 31.5 million nights sold, compared to just 7.1 million in 2019 and 9.5 million in 2020.

Hotel performance

The Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai revealed that domestic tourism contributed to improving the performance levels of hotels, in addition to hosting international visitors, as the performance of Dubai hotels was strong and distinctive in the last quarter of 2021, at various levels, compared to 2020.

Accordingly, the performance of hotels in 2021 exceeded, for the first time, pre-pandemic levels, with an average occupancy rate of more than 81.4%, compared to 80.7% for the last quarter of 2019.

Dubai Initiatives

The "Economy and Tourism" stated that Dubai continues to launch initiatives to ease and facilitate procedures, with the aim of attracting travelers, whether with the aim of tourism or business, in addition to other programs that encourage residence and life in Dubai, including visas and new programs, such as a five-year multi-entry visa for employees. Foreigners working in international multinational companies based in Dubai.

She added that the visit visa programs for foreigners made it easier to live and work in the emirate, and the golden visa for entrepreneurs, investors and specialized talents, in addition to retirees in Dubai, and virtual work programs, enhanced Dubai's attractiveness to new sectors, while providing more flexibility and options for talents looking to work and stay. in Dubai.

She explained that the virtual work program in Dubai, which allows foreigners to move to Dubai from outside the Emirates, and work remotely, has been very popular during the pandemic period, as the program, which provides renewable visas for one year, allows successful applicants to benefit from the digital infrastructure. Strong and smooth in Dubai.

Dubai's retirement program has also proven successful with expats and foreigners over 55 years of age, who are keen to stay in the emirate for the long term and benefit from the city's unique and distinctive lifestyle during their retirement years.

Tourist diversification

The Department of Economy and Tourism pointed out that consolidating Dubai's position as the best city in the world to live, work and visit is essential to the long-term tourism diversification strategy, noting that Dubai is famous for its ultra-modern social and economic infrastructure, an unparalleled lifestyle, and world-class job opportunities. Dubai is already among the most liveable cities in the world.

financial center

Dubai's Department of Economy and Tourism confirmed that the emirate, which ranked fourth among the world's most visited destinations in 2019, is home to the world's busiest international airport.

It is also the largest and most influential financial center in the region, attracting foreign investment, and among the best markets in the world for foreign direct investment projects.

Domestic travelers accounted for 11 million nights out of 31.5 million nights sold in 2021.

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