China News Service, July 7th. On the 7th, Beijing Culture disclosed an announcement on the company's litigation matters.

The announcement stated that Beijing Jingxi Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd. has recently received the "Indictment" of Beijing Dengfeng International Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., the "Indictment" of Beijing Yitong Legend Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., and Jiayingxing (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd. The company's "Complaint" and the "Complaint" of Xihong Film and Television Culture (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. involved an amount of up to 157 million yuan.

  Among them, Dengfeng International requested to order the defendant to immediately pay the plaintiff a total of RMB 91,059,600 for the distribution income and interest of the film project; Yitong Legend requested to order Beijing Culture to pay a total of RMB 30,378,800 in investment income and losses, etc.; Yingxing requested to order Beijing Culture to pay the plaintiff the cost of recovering the investment and to pay the income that should be distributed from the film, totaling about RMB 9.747 million; Xihong City Film and Television requested to order Beijing Culture to pay the plaintiff the settlement payment and overdue payment losses totaling about RMB 2,561.26 million.

  According to Tianyancha, Dengfeng International’s major shareholder, Kairan (Shanghai) Film and Television Culture Studio, which holds 90% of the shares, holds 100% of the shares for Wu Jing; the shareholders of Yitong Legend include Chen Sicheng.

  According to the official website of Beijing Culture, the projects the company has participated in include "Wolf Warrior 2", "I'm not the God of Medicine", and "Wandering Earth".

(Zhongxin Finance)