It is noted that since the beginning of July, the yuan, the dollar and the euro have strengthened against the ruble by 20%. 

According to Tuzov, such a weakening of the ruble is possible with the participation of the state. 

He recalled the statements that the level of 70-80 rubles per dollar can be considered a normal rate for the Russian economy.

“Unable to actively influence the exchange rate of the dollar and the euro against the ruble, apparently, they began to actively buy up the yuan, which, due to international cross-rates, also affects the exchange rate of other currencies against the ruble,” he suggested.

On July 6, the euro exchange rate at the beginning of trading for the first time since June 3 exceeded 66 rubles.

At the same time, the dollar rose above 64 rubles.

Earlier, financial analyst Alexander Egorov, in an interview with the FBA "Economy Today" commented on the situation in the foreign exchange market.