There are four issues behind the high-priced ice cream controversy.

  Question 1. Can ice cream be priced high?

  The answer is, of course.

97.5% of the prices of goods and services in China are market-based, and ice cream is no exception.

  Question 2. Can a low-cost ice cream be priced high?

  The answer is, yes.

When the government sets prices, costs are often rigid constraints.

For grid transmission, the state will determine the price based on the cost plus a reasonable profit.

But whether marketable commodities can be priced high at low cost depends on whether you sell them.

  Question 3. Are the sales of some high-priced ice creams reasonable?

  The answer is, there must be a problem.

  Picking ice cream in the supermarket refrigerator, only to find the price is beyond imagination after checkout.

  At this time, whether it is because of saving face or having already taken a bite, as long as you spend money to buy it, you will definitely feel cheated.

  "Ice Cream Assassin" speaks out the essence: the most critical issue is not "high price" but "raid".

  Unmarked price, mixed with other ice cream, is essentially a fraud.

  Fourth, do you have any problems complaining about high-priced ice cream?

  The answer is, definitely not.

  As long as any merchant chooses to set a high price, responding to doubts is a compulsory course.

  If no convincing reason is given, consumers will naturally turn from ranting to voting with their feet.

  The reason for the high price of luxury goods is that identity labels, souvenirs sell feelings, and the stories told by green products are original ecology.

  The same is true for ice cream merchants. Whether it is a high-end positioning or an internet celebrity label, if consumers can be convinced and pay for it with a clear price tag, that is the key to success.

  But if you force a reason for the high price, or even start to compile non-existent elements such as international awards, it is obviously neither reasonable nor legal.

  Finally, it must be emphasized that, for ice cream, regardless of the high price or low price, food safety is a bottom line that cannot be challenged.

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]