Renesas Electronics, a major semiconductor manufacturer, announced that its factory in Kumamoto City was temporarily shut down due to a lightning strike caused by typhoon No. 4 on the 5th.

Even now, some production facilities are shut down, and the company expects production losses to be up to two weeks' worth of production.

According to the announcement, after 5:30 am on the 5th, the power transmission line that sends electricity to the Kawajiri factory of Renesas Electronics in Kumamoto City was damaged by a lightning strike.

Due to this effect, the voltage inside the factory dropped sharply, and about 90% of the production equipment was temporarily shut down.

Some production facilities are still out of service, but no breakdowns or abnormalities have been found in the facilities, and the company expects to return to normal production levels by the 11th of this month.

This factory produces semiconductors for automobiles, but due to the effects of discarding products in the middle of production, production loss is expected to correspond to a maximum of two weeks' worth of production.

At the time of the lightning strike, Typhoon No. 4 approached Kyushu and the atmospheric conditions were unstable.