Wait for a gorgeous turn


This is the number of companies that Yongjia "actively contacted" during the four-month period.

  A year ago, this post-95 girl was still standing on the podium, teaching elementary school students how to read, the routines and templates for writing essays as a New Oriental education and training teacher.

As the main indicators of evaluation, her "continuation rate" and "student volume" have been maintained at a high level, and she has been promoted to subject director.

  However, after graduating from a teacher training program, she once suspected that she had "mistaken the children" and felt that the content of the teaching was "really exam-oriented".

She could sense the anxiety in her parents was "overdone".

"There's no way, those who make up the course are scored higher than those who don't make up."

  Soon, the high-speed industry was put on the "brake".

In July last year, the "Opinions on Further Reducing the Burden of Students' Homework and Off-campus Training in Compulsory Education" (hereinafter referred to as the "double reduction" policy) was issued, and education and training institutions are facing transformation.

In the face of plummeting business and salary budgets, tens of thousands of practitioners either actively or passively left this industry with fading dividends and started a new career migration.

  The vast majority of them entered education and training institutions as soon as they graduated, earning salaries that exceeded those of the same period graduates.

Some people find new career directions from the accumulation of past abilities, and Yong Jia is one of them.

It took her three or four months to submit more than 300 resumes, interviewed nearly 50 companies, and successfully joined a major Internet company after this year.

  She shared her experience on social platforms, attracting countless consultations from her peers.

In fact, many people did not go well in their search for new jobs and transformation. Some of their resumes were "disgusted" by HR (human resources specialists), "low prices" during interviews, and some were laid off again in new companies. , arrears of wages, and some have been unable to find their favorite jobs for a long time. While anxious, they rely on compensation to support their lives.

  According to data released by the Internet recruitment platform Lagou in January this year, 7.4% of online education practitioners continued to stay in the education industry, and 80% of the practitioners flowed out, of which 8.7% went to the game industry, 6.8% to the artificial intelligence service industry, 5.7% went to e-commerce platforms, etc.

  On the social platform, someone shared, "Some time ago, my husband received a car insurance call and started to call him Mr., and he became a parent. I felt like a colleague in the transformation of the education and training industry."

  "You should be able to catch fire if you stay in New Oriental." Yong Jia's friends teased.

The "most literate live broadcast room" that exploded in June was transformed from a former colleague of Yong Jia.

This also puts the spotlight on this group of transformed educators again.


  "When is my last resignation date?" "Today." When Cao Xinqian got such an answer from HR on a Thursday in September last year, Cao Xinqian thought she had heard it wrong.

She escaped the company's first big layoffs, thinking she was lucky.

After the "double reduction" policy was implemented, HR began to talk to various departments. She saw that there were fewer and fewer people around her, and a large number of workstations were vacant.

  As a graduate student majoring in Chinese as a foreign language at a "double first-class" university, this Anhui girl was "naturally" attracted to the education and training industry by the high salary after graduating in 2019.

After working in Xueersi for two years, I moved to New Oriental Online to become the subject director. In addition to online teaching, I was also responsible for the training of some "one-to-one" teachers in the company.

At one point, the leader told her that the "one-to-one" business could continue.

Unexpectedly, within a week, HR came to talk to her with an agreement to terminate the labor contract.

  She could feel the company's finances tightening.

When she first arrived, the company could pay for her special car trip on the taxi app, which gradually turned into an express car until it could not be used.

The same is true for attendance. At the beginning, she could use the mobile phone software to check in at the subway station. She could buy a breakfast leisurely and then go to the work station. , and finally changed to face recognition.

"It confirms a statement that when a company strictly checks attendance, it may have problems."

  "I had this expectation, but I still couldn't accept it when I left the same day." She had just jumped to the new company for 4 months, and before she could calm down, she opened the recruitment website again.

  At about the same time, Zeng Wanru was also looking for a job.

She just went through the second layoff of her life.

After graduating in 2018, she joined Puxin Online School as an English teacher.

In November 2020, due to the adjustment of the company's business line, the Puxin Online School she was in was spun off from the group, and she chose to leave.

At that time, the online education industry was in full swing, and soon, she joined another online education company, Homework Gang, as an English teacher.

  There, in addition to answering questions, she was also responsible for the community operation of "Answer".

The 130,000 "respondents" are basically part-time jobs, mainly composed of college students from "double first-class" colleges and universities, and some teachers who work in the front line.

They help realize the core function of the homework help app - taking pictures and searching for questions.

The company scans and stores the questions of the teaching and auxiliary materials on the market and distributes them to the "respondents" for completion.

If the picture uploaded by the user is a new question that is not in the database, the "responder" will take over the answer like a takeaway rider takes the order, and if it passes the review, it will get a reward ranging from 4-6 yuan.

  Zeng Wanru wanted to organize these "responders" and hosted several online sharing sessions.

She wants to solve all kinds of problems of the "respondents".

Some "respondents" will discuss the solution of a certain question in the group, and if they disagree, they will fight (showdown) in the group.

Some complained to her that their answer was obviously correct, but was judged to be wrong by the audit.

Some feedback that they want to take more questions when there is enough time, but because the system is based on the level of "responders", it cannot be achieved.

  She also built the official account of her team from scratch, responsible for content updates, and achieved more than 100,000 followers in a short period of time.

These work experiences, which she is proud of, didn't help her when she tried to change careers.

"I don't think what you have done before is anything special." Some interviewers' words made her feel very uncomfortable, "There have been many people like you recently, what do you think is your advantage? ?"

  "It feels like we have no value anymore." She remembered that at the end of July last year, almost the entire department received a notice of HR layoffs. There was a row of desks, one with an agreement, one with a box and a sign, and one with a box to close. work computer.

"I'll give you N+1 compensation, you can leave after you sign it. You don't need to use it. The salary will be settled at the end of the month."

  She was even a little fortunate at the time, "the company laid off employees earlier, and the market competition was not so fierce."


  Yong Jia can feel the fierce competition.

In August last year, she began to learn knowledge in new fields, put her resume on recruitment software, and also put in some small companies to gain interview experience.

By October, she found that "there are not many replies that I can get."

She and her colleagues initially thought that the platform of New Oriental was good, and their expectations were quite high. "If you can't go to Byte, you can't go to Tencent, and the worst is to go to Baidu." Give.

  "Many companies see your resume related to teaching and training, and they ignore you at all." Some companies even indicate in their recruitment requirements, "Don't teach and train people."

  At that time, the fall semester had not yet ended, and the course was shrunk to mid-week due to the policy. Many students chose to refund the fee, and the teachers' income dropped rapidly.

The policy does not allow subject training on weekends, and the company wants to “develop new products”, so they organized a “half-day writing camp” for “study studies” in the Summer Palace, where teachers “go to the Summer Palace like tour guides every week.”

  During that time, Yong Jia was especially struggling. He changed his resume more than 20 times, and every day his resume was submitted to the upper limit set by the recruitment software.

She paid 4,698 yuan to sign up for a half-month online workplace training course, and felt that she was "cut leeks".

"The lecturer is also a part-time worker from a large factory. He teaches some basic knowledge of the Internet, such as product analysis and e-commerce models, but half of a class is for you to share the homework of the previous class, which is more like a workplace person talking about himself. Things that improve and improve work efficiency are not helpful for interviews." Yong Jia said.

  She also spent money to sign up for interview and resume coaching courses offered by big V on the workplace social software, and found that "this person is very unreliable and has a lot of bad reviews."

She also met a team that provided personalized services, taught her how to revise her resume according to the job requirements, disassembled the interview for her intended position, analyzed the questions that the interviewer might ask, and even told her how to answer the questions.

"Generally, I will write down what they said, and then I will have a few more interviews, and I can answer them through their thinking."

  In the "upgraded" resume, she completely concealed her experience in teaching for several years and how many students she taught, "If you write it on your resume, you will be discriminated against. What the company values ​​is whether you have work experience related to the position and even resource".

According to the direction of the position, she will focus on the revision of "discipline operation" or "development of educational products" on her resume.

  The real problem is "interlaced like mountains".

During the interview, Yong Jia found that when the interviewer asked her to share her past work experience, she often spoke happily and thought she was good, but the person sitting opposite could not understand it at all.

"Many words and logic are different, not in a system."

  For example, she said, "The education and training industry calls classes that attract new students at low prices as 'entrance classes', and transfers students to 'regular priced classes' are called retention. "Export class'." But the interviewer may not understand, she later learned to use "Internet slang" to explain: "pull new", "increase user stickiness" and "extend the user's life cycle".

  Sometimes she didn't understand the interviewer's question. "After I answered it several times, he would ask me this question again and again." funnel” knowledge and use them for your own use.

  After interviewing nearly 50 companies, she also has her own insights, "In the interview, in addition to a good resume and data, the part that really shows strength may account for 30%, 20% is display and performance, and the remaining 50%. It’s sincerity. Convince the interviewer that you did the stuff on your resume and that you are competent for the position.”

  Since November last year, Yong Jia has received employment notices one after another, and she has confidence in her heart.

On December 28, she ended her two-year working career at New Oriental and joined an Internet company more than a month later.


  "Welcome to the education and training industry to vote." On the afternoon of being fired, Cao Xinqian saw such a recruitment notice.

  The position comes from an old recruitment website, and the job content is "responsible for live broadcast work, involving business trips, writing live broadcast scripts, and responsible for live broadcast room process control."

  In less than 20 minutes after delivery, Cao Xinqian received an interview call. As required, she also provided her lecture video and previously written copy.

In just two days, the new company notified Cao Xinqian to join the company.

Live broadcast is the new business direction of this recruitment website.

In the work area where Cao Xinqian is located, a slogan is hung with the slogan "The Great Wall will never fall, and the live broadcast team is indispensable."

  Among the 7 employees in her team, 5 are from the education and training industry, and Zeng Wanru is among them.

The team mainly provides live broadcast products to enterprise users, allowing enterprises to sell jobs in the live broadcast room of the website, and "live broadcast with jobs".

  "I feel that live broadcast and class have something in common." This is the reason why Cao Xinqian chose here.

When she entered the education and training industry, she experienced a month and a half of hard training and training. "The content of a class allows you to choose 10 minutes of lectures, and the leader criticizes you for 1 hour: where the speed of speech is wrong, which knowledge point is wrong, Where is the PPT not good enough..." I practiced until after 2 am every day, ate more hot pot at 4 am, and continued to practice at 9 am.

Some colleagues from the Northeast taught with accents, and the leader arranged for them to practice pronunciation according to the "News Network" every day until the standard was corrected.

  Before the winter and summer vacations, she also has to undergo nearly half a month of development training, which is also a practice class.

The final review of the training is to record the video of his class, copy it on the big screen, and the leaders will comment in person.

Cao Xinqian recalled, "During the class, an ups and downs in the tone of voice may affect the mood of the students, especially for online courses, so they have to practice repeatedly. It was really embarrassing at the time, but I was 'tortured' out."

  This "torture" allowed her to develop her own style.

During this year's "6.18" period, she put on delicate makeup and sat in front of the camera to introduce the new products of "job proxy broadcast" to the recruiting company's live broadcast.

"Our post anchors can give you workplace advice, recommend the best companies, the best jobs, and people who are professional enough." On average, nearly 400 Chinese characters are spit out of her mouth every minute. Insert a few paragraphs, the information is dense and not boring.

She has a large two-liter water bottle in her hand, moisturizing her throat from time to time, which she started using when she was a teacher.

  In the past, many students liked Cao Xinqian's carefree and arrogant character, "I'll eat you."

In education and training institutions, each teacher has to form his own style, some are "gentle sisters", and some are Duanzishou.

They sent Cao Xinqian an emoticon package, "Sister Fairy is coming to class".

Sometimes a phone call from Cao Xinqian can solve the problem that makes parents a headache.

The "entry class" of 150 yuan often has thousands of people coming to the class. "The students who are willing to pay more than 4,000 yuan for you to stay must like you very much. This is also very similar to the anchor." Therefore, during the live broadcast, she also Don't be shy, express yourself boldly.

  Liu Su, the team leader, remembered that when Cao Xinqian first arrived, live streaming was just emerging, and there were many "speaking skills" for anchors with goods on the market, but there was no corresponding model for how to recommend jobs to users in the live broadcast room.

Cao Xinqian flipped through books, checked materials, and studied other people's live broadcasts, and soon published a training manual similar to a lesson plan.

"It's very systematic. This is a reflection of her teaching and research ability." In the manual, the anchor should disassemble and analyze the company's benefits like "knowledge points".

For example, what are the benefits of "five social insurances and one housing fund", and how to introduce them to job seekers, which will have a specific impact on their lives.

  This is the mark left by their experience in the education and training industry.

This imprint also sometimes "disadvantages" in new areas.

When Zeng Wanru first started the live broadcast, in the absence of barrage interaction, she would unconsciously say "Okay, let's talk about the next part".

The leader criticized her for being "good and good" all the time.

In retrospect, she recalled that this might have been the habit of simulating students answering questions when they practiced in the past.

  Yong Jia also found that in the education and training industry, she liked to simplify a complex thing so that others could understand it, but it was different in Internet companies, "When writing a weekly report, you need to add all kinds of slang in the PPT, simple The problem is complicated."

  Liu Su selected 100 interviewees from more than 2,000 resumes, and finally left five former teaching and training teachers including Cao Xinqian.

In her view, as a position facing the company's customers, it is often necessary to balance the conflicts of needs of all parties, requiring high communication skills, both affinity and not being led astray.

This is why she noted when recruiting, "Welcome to the education and training industry to invest."

  "The education and training industry is generally more pragmatic, 'manufactured' and has the ability to execute." She even felt that it is not without benefits that a person encounters a major setback in the industry when he is young.


  Sun Kai did not expect that he would usher in a series of setbacks.

  After graduating in 2019, he worked as a management trainee in a small loan financial institution. After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the company closed down.

Unemployed, he joined an online education company as a tutor.

Compared with the main teacher, his job is to supervise and guide students to complete their homework offline, while maintaining the relationship with parents.

  "The tutoring work is very tedious, and the sense of value and achievement must be found by oneself." Many of the users he serves come from fourth- and fifth-tier cities, which once made Sun Kai think that he can help achieve education equity to a certain extent.

He once made a separate agreement with the children who were tired of learning, and when he completed his homework or improved his academic performance, he paid out his own pocket and mailed small gifts as rewards.

He also patiently told parents about a girl's progress, so that parents who "feel that girls don't need to spend too much money to go to school" value their daughters.

When it comes to parent renewals, his renewal rate always ranks first, and he gets a promotion for it.

  After the implementation of the "double reduction" policy, subject courses must be placed in the middle of the week. He saw that his peers spent a lot of time urging students to take classes and urging "course data". Faced with the lack of time for children and parents who want to refund fees, they have to grind their mouths. Leather "pull the bill".

This made him very distressed, "watching what you're doing has done more harm than good".

  He agrees with TAL founder and CEO Zhang Bangxin's reflection during the live broadcast of the online farewell party, "Did it increase the financial burden of students or create anxiety? Ask yourself, more or less, it exists." That day was December last year. On March 22, a week later, a large number of TAL teachers left the industry.

  When Sun Kai chose to take the initiative to transform in November and asked HR to leave, the other party was very surprised.

The company he works for has decided to lay off staff at the end of December, and he will lose a considerable amount of compensation if he leaves voluntarily. "Why not wait another month?" He thought about this question, "When all layoffs are in December, the pressure of market competition will be even greater. Big."

  After studying the three transformation directions of various online education institutions at that time, to do education hardware, literacy education, and "going overseas" to provide Chinese education for foreigners, Sun Kai chose to go to an online education company's literacy project to do Internet operations.

He shared his transformation experience on social platforms and gave advice to peers who want to transform.

Many people "get good luck" in the comment area.

  Luck doesn't last long.

After 4 months, the company found that a series of courses such as programming, eloquence, art, and writing, except programming, were very profitable.

After the Spring Festival this year, the company laid off staff in the direction of literacy, and Sun Kai lost his job again. "At that time, I didn't have a particularly deep understanding of the impact of the 'double reduction', and I regretted giving up the previous compensation."

  After leaving the company, he went to "Let's Start a Class", an online vocational education institution for adults.

Since the end of May this year, the institution has been in a crisis of arrears of wages and layoffs, and it has also been reported that it owes students rebates.

On June 29, Fang Yechang, founder and CEO of Kaikaiba, sent an internal letter to employees. He admitted that the company’s cash gap for several months was around 100 million per month. He borrowed from personal credit and mortgaged personal investments. More than 1 billion debts were invested in the company by means of mortgages and personal assets.

  But for Sun Kai, the money won't help.

He has not received any salary from the company since April.

He deleted the social media sharing of his transformation experience, even though it had earned him hundreds of likes.

"I always hear noises when I sleep on my side. When I sleep on my stomach, it presses my heart. When I lie flat, I always want to open my eyes and look at the moon." He was troubled by insomnia.


  Where is the way out of the transformation, it is not just Sun Kai that is troubled.

Some people chose to take a temporary rest and "go home to have a baby and bring a baby".

Some people are preparing for the teacher recruitment exam at home. "If you pass the test, everything will be fine. If you don't pass the test, you will really be squatting at home." Salary treatment is one of the reasons that troubled their transition. It is really unacceptable, "biting the old book".

  Some people take the risk to be "private education", laughing at themselves "seeking wealth and wealth and risk, while being anxious while secretly happy" "no middleman makes the difference".

  An interviewee in Beijing revealed that her group of four or five education and training teachers, with a group of 500, often has teachers sending parents with quotations asking for tutoring, “From elementary school to high school, both online and offline, the number of languages. There are various disciplines of foreign matter and chemical biology."

Even the introducer can get a few hundred yuan in intermediary fees. "The demand from parents is very strong."

  Zhang Cheng is still looking for a job.

Unemployment for half a year, he has not found the desired transformation direction.

At the end of last year, the good future he was in was transformed. If he stayed, he had the opportunity to switch to the literacy project, but he still decided to leave with "N+1" compensation.

  He analyzed several reasons: "On the economic level, there is no tuition fee, and the salary will drop, which is not cost-effective; on the business level, I have changed to a new department, and I am not familiar with the business. 'Occupied, gone without development; at the macro-environmental level, literacy education is also within the scope of the 'double reduction' supervision."

  "I trust my former employer very much, and I like this job very much. I never thought of looking for a job." Before that, Zhang Cheng had not even registered the recruitment software. As a result, when he resigned, BOSS directly hired him to undergo an Internet security review. Users can't register, "many Internet companies can't get in touch."

  He wants to invest in big Internet companies, and some companies are willing to give him a chance.

But "Beijing's business has just recruited people", I hope he can go to Shanghai.

Zhang Cheng has lived in Beijing for five or six years and settled down, but he refused.

He has interviewed adult education institutions and found that the two sides are very different.

"Disciplinary training is not separated from the offline soil. Consumers are parents, and experiencers are children; but adult education relies solely on online customer acquisition, and it also faces the experiencers themselves." He also rejected an invitation from an interest counseling agency.

"They are in Chaoyang District, and they mainly focus on offline stores. I think the risk is too high. It's not like subject training can be converted to online." Soon, Beijing suffered a rebound from the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and the institution was forced to suspend classes.

  The epidemic also delayed Zhang Cheng's job search, and he began to examine the changes in his heart.

After graduating from the second school, he entered Xueersi Peiyou, a subsidiary of TAL, and became a supervisor all the way. Zhang Cheng relied on "fighting".

In the past 5 years, he has never had a weekend. Now, the industry is gone. "It means that all the previous efforts have gone to waste, and all the industry accumulation is gone." I also have a family now, and I don't know what it will be after I finish the fight."

  In his opinion, the biggest lesson for him during this period is not to do one thing desperately, "You must have the ability to resist risks at all times, and you must have a second career to avoid risks."

  The explosion of Dong Yuhui from New Oriental has given Zhang Cheng back a certain confidence. He hopes that people in this industry can be like them, and after a few months of being ignored, they will have a gorgeous turn.

  (At the request of the interviewee, Sun Kai and Zhang became pseudonyms)

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