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  You can take this package home. It is not only delicious in soup, but also in cold cooking, stir-frying, stewing meat, cooking in a dry pot, and making noodles. The taste is very good.

  [Explanation] In the live broadcast room, Zhuo Qiaoyuan is vigorously promoting the mushroom products in her hometown of Pingnan, Fujian.

Zhuo Qiaoyuan is a "post-00" anchor who is optimistic about the development opportunities of the e-commerce industry in her hometown. After graduating from college, she returned to her hometown to become a full-time anchor.

In Chenyi Yanxuan E-commerce Industrial Park, Pingnan County, Fujian Province, it is not uncommon for young anchors like Zhuo Qiaoyuan to return to their hometown to start a business.

In recent years, the local area has continuously improved the basic supporting facilities of the e-commerce industry, improved the management level and service capabilities, and injected new vitality into the rural revitalization.

A few days ago, the reporter came to Pingnan for a field visit.

  [Concurrent] E-commerce anchor Zhuo Qiaoyuan

  I think the future of live broadcast is very promising, because the audience will be wider, and I am relatively introverted. After doing the live broadcast, I found that I am a lot more cheerful, and I will also learn how to communicate with others, and I am also practicing The penetrating power and infectious power of language.

  [Explanation] The average altitude of Pingnan County is more than 800 meters. The various mushrooms produced here are of good quality. However, in the past, farmers were plagued by the problem that good products could not go out of the mountains and could not be sold at good prices.

In recent years, with the vigorous development of rural e-commerce, the local area has held "short video + live broadcast" training, which has accumulated more than 8,000 trainees, and more than 1,000 e-commerce enterprises in the county.

At present, in Pingnan, a county with a permanent population of only 100,000 people, nearly 300 anchors a day sell various local agricultural special products through e-commerce.

  [Concurrent] E-commerce anchor Zhuo Qiaoyuan

  As a "post-00" college graduate, I hope that through my own efforts, I can introduce the agricultural products and specialties of my hometown to more people, let more people know about Pingnan, and help the rural revitalization of my hometown.

  [Concurrent] Zhou Huakeng, Director of Pingnan County E-Commerce Office

  In the past 19 years, our Pingnan County has taken short video and live broadcast e-commerce as an important measure. More and more young people choose to return to their hometowns to start businesses. The number of young entrepreneurs in live broadcast related positions has reached more than 1,000. We have grown from an average daily shipment of more than 2,000 orders at the beginning of 2018 to more than 60,000 orders a day, an increase of more than 20 times.

  [Explanation] In the spacious and bright workshop of Chenyi Yanxuan E-commerce Industrial Park, workers are nervously packing agricultural products, and the neatly packaged goods are ready to be sent to all parts of the country and enter major supermarkets and online platforms.

Enterprises can sell more products by opening up various sales channels such as traditional e-commerce, social e-commerce, community e-commerce, community e-commerce, and the popular Internet celebrity self-media e-commerce.

In addition, by strengthening quality control and promoting the large-scale and scientific planting of agricultural products, farmers have increased their incomes.

  [Concurrent] Mr. Zheng, head of Ningde Chenyi Yanxuan E-commerce Industrial Park

  For our rural revitalization, for our local agricultural products, and for the agricultural products we sell, first of all, it is a process of mutual promotion. What kind of process is that?

Our quality requirements may become higher and higher. For example, take a local hibiscus plum as an example. It turned out that we Pingnan people went to plant hibiscus plums, and you sold them after you planted them. Now we require the specifications of the fruit to be How, they make such a distance between fruit trees gradually more scientific, and hope that through our efforts, we can promote our local agricultural products to be more large-scale and more scientifically planted.

  [Explanation] In Pingnan, local development models such as "Internet + company + cooperatives", "e-commerce training + live broadcast delivery" are vigorously promoted to turn resource advantages into industrial advantages.

A series of measures have also attracted more and more college teachers and students to use the summer vacation to visit and study in Pingnan.

After the live broadcast, Zhuo Qiaoyuan started a new job. She took the members of the summer social practice team of the Department of Management, Fujian Normal University Xiehe College to experience the live broadcast and bring goods.

In the live broadcast room, the students grouped together to carry out live broadcasts and bring goods, contributing to the rural revitalization of college students.

  [Concurrent] Huang Jiating, student of Fujian Normal University Union College

  I am a freshman in marketing, and then we will learn the live broadcast course in the second year of my sophomore year. Today, I can also be regarded as a freshman to experience this course in advance. Through the e-commerce Internet platform, we can make Pingnan County better. Agricultural products can go out, and I can use my own major to contribute to the strength of college students and promote our rural revitalization and economic development.

  Reporter Wu Shengwei reports from Ningde, Fujian

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]