The central purpose of the new EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) is known to be to rein in some internet giants.

Where the EU Commission previously had to prove to them in complicated antitrust proceedings that they violate EU competition law, it can now prohibit them from certain types of behavior by law.

Just one day after the DMA was passed in the European Parliament, it has now become known that Amazon, one of these giants, is turning around in ongoing antitrust proceedings and is making concessions to the EU Commission.

Is this a direct success of the new law?

That cannot be said because the details of the "deal" that Amazon has made with the EU Commission are not yet known.

For the same reason, the content of the concessions cannot yet be assessed.

But it seems clear: Amazon is doing damage limitation and considers the deal to be the better option.

The alternative, a confrontation including a year-long legal dispute, is apparently not very attractive for the group.

That speaks more for than against the law.