Summer is here, and "Script Killing" ushered in a peak in passenger flow.

A few days ago, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and other five departments jointly issued a notice, for the first time, the new business formats of entertainment business places that have developed rapidly in recent years, such as "Script Killing" and "Escape Room", have been brought into management.

Industry norms also bring more development opportunities. Many scenic spots in Nanjing have also launched "script killing" projects.

During the interview, the operator of the popular "Script Killing" told reporters that the script is the "soul" of the script killing. Cooperating with more professional writers to develop new themes, enhance the sense of experience, and become the direction of future development.

  Yangzi Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Zhang Nan

  After the opening of the script to kill the girlfriend, it also led to a lot of love

  The "entertainment + social" attribute has made "script killing" a "new favorite" for young people's entertainment in just a few years.

Popular entertainment among friends, from traditional karaoke and secret room projects, and even dating to watching movies, is gradually being replaced by "script killing".

With the popularity of camping, camping script killing has also emerged among young people.

The Script Killing takes more than 4 hours and is guided by the Script Killing DM (game host), ranging from 4 to 8 people. Through role-playing, plot reasoning, and evidence collection, the clues are sorted out, and the real culprit in the case is jointly found.

With a per capita consumption of about 100 yuan, you can not only experience different plots and life, but also meet social needs while relaxing in the game.

  At the end of the college entrance examination in early June, the Nanjing script killing industry officially entered the peak season, which usually lasts until the end of August.

Meituan opened the most popular script killing stores in Nanjing, each with more than 100 desktop killing scripts.

Zhang Miao, a partner of B.BRAIN Script Killer, told reporters that it was quite interesting to say that the first time I played Script Killer was on Valentine's Day, because my girlfriend liked it, so I started this Script Killer with my friends after work.

The social nature of script killing is very strong. The people who come to play range from college students to urban white-collar workers. There are acquaintances who are in touch with each other, and some people go to love and make friends. Because of playing script killing, the friends around them really become several pairs.

  "Buy a life" for less than one hundred yuan.

According to Zhang Miao, a good book will attract players to repeatedly brush and experience different characters.

But players have high requirements for the environment, script, and game host.

At present, the most popular ones on the market are joyful scripts that are more interactive and more stress-relieving, suitable for urban people with a lot of work pressure.

In addition, it is a horror book that makes players' adrenaline soar.

  The life cycle of an ordinary script is only a few months. A powerful script kills the store and will sign a contract with the publisher to get a limited and explosive script.

Many players will also go to their favorite game host, and the hot pot game script killing with food is also quite appetizing to players.

In order to maintain business, some stores have also launched a "script kill takeaway" service, that is, the script kill host brings the script to the campsite.

With the two gimmicks of script killing and camping, this fresh gameplay has attracted many young people who are eager to go out.

  Nanjing is preparing for relevant industry associations to standardize chaos and promote the advancement of scripts

  However, the rapid development of the industry has also led to various chaos. Some scripts have absurd and terrifying themes, content involving pornographic violence, low industry thresholds, and piracy, which have made the entire industry controversial.

Bloody horror has even become a marketing selling point for some scripts.

Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Public Security and other five departments issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Management of Script Entertainment Business Sites" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), which for the first time included script killing, escape room and other new formats of scripted entertainment business sites under management nationwide. .

  In addition, there are some "maid shops" that play pornographic edge balls and set up accompaniment. Such shops definitely do not meet the requirements.

Zhang Miao said that Nanjing is currently preparing for relevant industry associations to establish industry norms, form orderly competition, and create a good atmosphere. For a still young industry such as "script killing", there are still many shortcomings to be filled. The entire industry is also facing a big wave and sand-washing reshuffle.

  More new ways to play film and television, develop scripts, kill many scenic spots in Nanjing, and push real scenes to kill

  With the improvement of the quality of script killing, some store owners said frankly, "Some script killing stories are not inferior to film and television dramas. If they can be displayed through video, the audience's perception may be better than that of playing script killing." There is a script to kill the official announcing that it will be made into a film.

As the barriers between the two were broken through, the popular film and television drama also launched the direction of script killing.

The hit drama "Heirloom" launched an IP adaptation of the script game of the same name. It did not fully reproduce the content of the film and television, but started the story from a point in time in 1940.

  In addition, recently, the unique "script kill" product designed with the help of the scenic spot has appeared in many scenic spots in Nanjing, providing tourists with more immersive new experiences that can be engaged and interacted.

Different from the small indoor "script killing" activities, the scenic spot can provide a larger and more realistic scene, and the game content can also carry the corresponding elements of humanities, history, etc., entertaining and entertaining.