[Explanation] After working in overtime for 7 months in a local enterprise's 10,000 dairy cow breeding base, Abdullah Remutili has mastered the knowledge of dairy cow breeding, and has also transformed from an out-of-the-ordinary farmer to an industrial worker, at his doorstep The increase in employment and income was unthinkable before.

  [Explanation] "In the past, there were many things to worry about in farming, and I depended on the sky for food. Now I work in the factory, working 8 hours a day and resting normally every week." Abdullah Remutili told a reporter from China News Agency.

  [Same period] Abdullah Remuthili, a breeder at the Wantou Dairy Cow Breeding Base, Yongning Town, Alar City, Xinjiang Corps

  I feed cows twice a day and earn 3,500 yuan a month. This place (pays us) social security every month, and we eat and live for free. I am so happy.

  [Explanation] The 10,000-head cow breeding base where Abdullah Remutili works is located in Yongning Town, Fourth Regiment, Aral City, First Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, at the foot of Tomur Peak, the highest peak of the Tianshan Mountains.

At present, the construction of cowsheds, hay sheds and concentrate warehouses and equipment selection have been completed, and 2,000 cows have entered the circle.

  [Same period] Zhong Zemin, head of the Wantou Dairy Cow Breeding Base in Yongning Town, Alar City, Xinjiang Corps

  Within three years, our base will grow to 40,000 dairy cows, providing 2,000 jobs for the surrounding counties and group farms, better serving the surrounding counties, cities and group farms, and stimulating employment.

  [Commentary] Unlike Abdullah Remutili, Moniyaz Toheti and his wife applied to work in the breeding base together. Here, the husband and wife lived in the family dormitory, and the food, housing, water and electricity were all free. Personal employment has significantly improved the living conditions of the family.

Wages will continue to increase as the cows officially start producing milk.

  [Same period] Moniyaz Toheti, driver of Wantou Dairy Cow Breeding Base, Yongning Town, Alar City, Xinjiang Corps

  I work here for 3,500 yuan a month, and my wife also pays 3,500 yuan a month, two people work (total) 7,000 yuan, my three children go to school in four groups, I work hard, my wife Also work hard, my children also study hard, very happy.

  [Explanation] In Yongning Town, Aral City, some people choose to go to the nearest factory to work to increase their income, but some people take advantage of the opportunity brought by the local vigorous development of the dried apricot industry in recent years to drive the people of their hometowns to enter the market together, absorb jobs, and achieve income and wealth. , Chen Jing is one of them.

  [Explanation] In May 2018, Chen Jing led the establishment of a cooperative to develop the processing and sales of dried apricots, and to sell dried dried apricots in Yongning Town of the Fourth Mission to a wider market.

In 2020, it registered and established a company, vigorously promoted the high-quality hanging dried apricot planting model, and established an interest linkage mechanism.

At present, it mainly processes dried apricots, red dates, walnuts, grapes, prunes, apples, etc. The products are sold all over the country in short supply.

  [Concurrent] Chen Jing, head of the rural cooperative in Yongning Town, Alar City, Xinjiang Corps

  There are more than a dozen people who have long-term (employment), and we employ temporary employees, especially during the peak season of picking apricots. When we are the most, (employment) can reach more than 200 people, and I am also a disabled person, so I We hire people from our surroundings, (and) our disabled people. I want to bring them with me to make more money.

  [Explanation] Yang Hongliang, a worker in Yongning Town, has more than 80 mu of land in his family. In recent years, he has gone to the cooperative to work in the cooperative after he has been busy with his own farm work to increase the family income.

  [Concurrent] Yang Hongliang, an employee of Yongning Town, Aral City, Xinjiang Corps

  During the slack season, I come to work in this factory, and I can work for four to five months.

  [Explanation] Yongning Town has a warm and cool climate, sufficient sunshine, and a large temperature difference between day and night. At present, a green organic dried apricot base of 59,000 mu has been built. With the irrigation of glaciers and snow water, the dried apricots produced are of good quality, and the pulp is sweet and sour. 95 % Dried and fresh fruits are sold outside Xinjiang and exported to first-tier cities in China, becoming a pillar industry, an advantageous industry and a characteristic industry that drives people to increase their income and become rich.

  [Explanation] At the moment, dried apricots and fresh apricots in Yongning Town have been listed for sale, and merchants from all over the country have flocked to buy here, and Chen Jing has also started the busiest time of the year.

(Reported by Rong Rui and Zheng Liang in Aral, Xinjiang)  

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]