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Beware of disruptions in your transport this Wednesday!

Railway workers will be on strike to demand better wages.

The SNCF also recommends canceling or postponing your trip.

The movement is starting right now.

It ends Thursday morning at 8 a.m.

What to expect?

If you are going on vacation or traveling this Wednesday, take your precautions!

Railway workers are on strike to demand better wages.

The SNCF also recommends canceling or postponing your trip.

The movement begins Tuesday, and ends Thursday morning at 8 am.

What to expect?

Europe 1 takes stock.

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40% of TER insured

There will be many disruptions, especially on the regional train network, with only 40% of traffic assured.

It's a national average, so you really have to check, region by region, if your train is maintained.

There is also a significant impact in the Paris region, with several lines that will not have more than 1 train out of 2 or sometimes even 1 out of 3. There will be 50% of traffic on RER B, C, D and E , as well as on several other commuter train lines, such as the H and P lines, where 1 in 3 trains are expected to run.

Same thing for the Intercités lines: 1 train out of 2 between Paris and Clermont, or 1 out of 3 between Bordeaux and Marseille.

On the TGV side, it's a little better, but many deletions are still planned on the eastern axis towards Strasbourg: only 3 out of 5 trains should run.

On the Atlantic axis, this concerns 3 out of 4 trains.

The first weekend of the holidays disrupted?

All railway unions have called for joining this social movement to demand wage increases.

There hasn't been one since 2014, regrets Thomas Cavel, general secretary of the CFDT Cheminots at the SNCF.

He asks for an emergency gesture to deal with inflation.

"There is a very tough policy in terms of wages. Today, with the conditions of inflation, this is obviously no longer tenable. We absolutely must have answers now", he urges at the microphone of Europe 1.

A meeting is scheduled with management on Wednesday morning.

The challenge will necessarily be to know if the first weekend of school holiday departures will also be disrupted.