Regarding KDDI's large-scale communication failure, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Kaneko regrets that voice calls remained difficult to use even after the restoration work was completed, but the publicity and publicity to users were not sufficient. After showing his intention, he clarified the idea of ​​verifying the company's response at a meeting made up of outside experts.

Regarding KDDI's large-scale communication failure that occurred on the 2nd of this month, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Kaneko said at a press conference after the Cabinet meeting on the 5th, "Mobile phone services that are indispensable for people's daily lives and socio-economic activities have been available for more than two days. It is very regrettable that it has become difficult to use. We take it seriously that it has had a potentially life-threatening effect. "

In addition, even after announcing the end of the restoration work, it was difficult to use voice calls for a long time. I pointed out.

After that, she said, "We will conduct a thorough verification at the telecommunications accident verification meeting composed of outside experts," and she revealed the idea of ​​verifying the company's response as the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

At the meeting of experts, we will discuss how to prepare in advance for equipment maintenance and whether we have fully utilized the lessons learned from last year's NTT DoCoMo communication failure, which will lead to measures to prevent recurrence. ..

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has a policy to consider administrative guidance based on the report from KDDI, considering that this communication failure corresponds to a "serious accident" under the Telecommunications Business Law.