China News Service, July 5th. On the evening of the 5th, Mai Quer replied to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's letter of concern, saying that after verification, the two batches of pure milk produced by the company were unqualified, and the relevant reports that the unqualified items were propylene glycol are true.

  Macquarie said that for the two batches of unqualified pure milk products, the company has established and kept the original inspection data and inspection report records of these pure milk products, including the names, specifications, quantities, and production dates of these pure milk products. , production batch number, implementation standard, inspection conclusion and inspection time, etc., and record and save.

  Macquarie said that because the "propylene glycol" indicator is not within the necessary testing indicators of GB25190-2010 "National Food Safety Standard Sterilized Milk", the company has not conducted relevant indicator testing for the above two batches of pure milk products.

The company was not aware of the above before the media reports.

  Regarding the impact of the incident on the daily production and operation of the company, Mai Quer responded that the company's pure milk business accounts for about 50% of the overall operating income. This matter will have a negative impact on the production and sales of pure milk products, which may affect the company's third Quarterly and full-year operating results; the production and operation of non-pure milk products such as baked goods, frozen foods and fermented milk are normal.

  In addition, according to the relevant provisions of the "Shenzhen Stock Exchange Listing Rules": "The company's production and business activities have been seriously affected and are not expected to return to normal within three months; the Exchange has issued other risk warnings for its stock trading", due to the current incident The reason is still under investigation, the impact is still uncertain, and there may be risks of touching other risk warnings.

(Zhongxin Finance)