"The value of a broker comes from community stickiness, and community stickiness comes from the establishment of trust." How to build trust?

According to Zuo Hui, the founder of Shell, trust is brought about by long-term service, warmth and friendliness, professional ethics, and appropriate investment; and the purpose of community friendliness is not to gain trust, but to provide value.

  Today's Shell has connected a group of real estate brokers who provide professional services and a group of value providers active in the community.

They have changeable identities: party members, brokers, nucleic acid testers, anti-epidemic instructors, and even material distributors, but what remains unchanged is the values ​​and original aspirations of taking root in the community and serving the community.

They are the caring people of the people

  In more than a month, 11 stores were coordinated, and a total of more than 120 agents participated in community epidemic prevention; connected with more than 20 nucleic acid testing points in 3 streets and 12 communities... These series of numbers are all Zhang Chaoyang's heart.

To be honest, very few people can know these things well, but Zhang Chaoyang can remember them clearly.

  Zhang Chaoyang is a party member's agent in Songjiazhuang District, Lianjia, Beijing. After learning that he needed to organize epidemic prevention volunteers for his jurisdiction, Zhang Chaoyang quickly called on party members and store managers to form a volunteer team and devote themselves to the community's anti-epidemic services.

  Once, the community that Zhang Chaoyang served was unblocked, and it was necessary to issue pass cards to residents.

Starting from 6 o'clock in the evening, Zhang Chaoyang prepared and stamped the pass for everyone at the neighborhood committee. He completed the stamping of more than 7,000 passes in three hours, and finally found that his palm was red and swollen.

  Shell has always attached importance to the party building work of non-public enterprises, and practiced the responsibilities and responsibilities of party members in various forms.

Especially during the epidemic, the cooperative stores across the country, led by party members and brokers, actively went to the forefront of epidemic prevention volunteer activities, and provided help to those in need before and after running.

  Some time ago, due to the closure and control of the epidemic, the elderly Wu Yanqing who suddenly relapsed with cholecystitis was unable to prescribe medicine for treatment in time. Party member agent Li Zhongyi took action immediately after learning of the situation. The medicine arrived in the hands of the elderly in the afternoon, which solved the urgent needs of the elderly. .

  Volunteering works regardless of the importance, and the participants are male or female.

Meng Huili is an agent in Shenzhen and a young female party member with five years of party experience.

During the Shenzhen epidemic, Meng Huili took the initiative to sign up, put on protective clothing, and assisted the Jinsha Garden community to carry out nucleic acid testing for all staff. The longest one was busy from 9:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon.

  "Whoever puts the people in their hearts is the caring person for the people." Wu Yanqing, an elderly person who was assisted in the community, said in a thank-you letter.

This is the voice from the bottom of the hearts of the masses, which represents the gratitude of the residents to these silent broker volunteers.

Variety of volunteers

  Being called a caring person by the common people is in line with Zuo Hui's "providing value", which is the trust gained through long-term service, warmth, friendliness and professional ethics.

  The epidemic has made the bond between this group of brokers and the community stronger.

For example, after the home office notice was issued, in Beijing, many party members and brokers contacted the store community at the first time. Most stores reached an agreement with their community, and the brokers became "big white" to assist streets and communities in nucleic acid testing and security supplies. Supply, flow tracking, publicity and guidance, emergency services, etc.

  With the escalation of epidemic prevention and control in Beijing, many community takeaways and couriers are not allowed to enter the community. Real estate brokers buy shelves at their own expense and place them inside the community or at the door to facilitate delivery by couriers and takeaways.

Even in some communities, broker volunteers directly incarnate as couriers and takeaways, delivering door-to-door deliveries to residents.

  It is understood that for some cases of home isolation and the need for medical staff to come to the door for nucleic acid testing, brokers act as "manual navigation" for medical staff by virtue of their familiarity with the community, and assist in the disposal of household garbage of home quarantine residents.

  Community service is no small matter, all accumulated over time in the work.

According to the incomplete statistics of Shell, in the past two years, a total of 34,000 people from Shell and its cooperative brokers have participated in the anti-epidemic volunteers, serving 7,380 communities in more than 30 cities across the country, and receiving donations from relevant departments such as neighborhood committees, street offices, and municipal youth league committees. A total of 1,290 pennants, letters of commendation and honorary certificates were issued.

Value responsibility in ordinary positions

  According to the 2021 financial report data, Shell has connected more than 40,000 cooperative stores and 380,000 cooperative brokers. They are distributed in various cities and penetrate into various communities like capillaries, effectively opening up the last mile of community connection.

  In practice, Shell House Search has continuously deepened the convenient living services for community scenarios, taking root in the community, cultivating the community, and serving the community, not only providing high-quality residential services for community residents, but also providing free community convenience services within its capabilities in the neighborhood, actively Participate in community building.

  At the same time, in the active promotion of party building work in non-public enterprises, Shell organized management to learn theoretical knowledge and party history education through shell lectures and other forms, and guided the majority of employees to find pioneering and enterprising forces from the party history.

And take technological innovation as a service means, give full play to industry advantages, geographical advantages and data advantages, organize and guide party organizations in various cities to enter the community and the grassroots, integrate into the high-quality development of new residences, practice the responsibilities and responsibilities of party members, and inspire Beautiful living with new vitality.

  Although it is an ordinary position, it perfectly practices personal and corporate values.

In fact, as a digital service platform for the residential industry, Shell has always advocated the concept of "community-friendly" and implemented the service of the community into the daily work of each cooperative real estate agent.

In Shell's view, after these efforts and hard work are recognized by residents, they will encourage brokers to further explore their own value, and it is also an important manifestation of corporate social responsibility.

  As Peng Yongdong, chairman and CEO of Shell, said: "A store broker on the edge of the community is equivalent to planting seeds in spring, fertilizing in summer, and harvesting in autumn, constantly maintaining social connections." In an ordinary position, becoming a The caring people around the common people, real estate brokers are constantly playing an important social value.