«Dubai Chamber»: It will be announced this year.. It constitutes an exceptional shift in the way groups are managed globally

An initiative to activate the economic contribution of “business groups” in Dubai

Abdulaziz Al Ghurair: “Dubai is a successful and vital model of strategic partnership between the public and private sectors.”

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dubai Chambers, Abdulaziz Al Ghurair, held a virtual meeting with the heads and representatives of business groups affiliated with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, with the participation of more than 45 participants and the presence of the Director General of Dubai Chambers, Hamad Buamim.

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce revealed that it is working on a qualitative initiative related to business groups that includes re-elaborating their role and activating their economic contribution to be a major player in making the future of business in Dubai, noting that the initiative will be announced during the current year.

The role of the private sector

The meeting discussed aspects of an initiative to activate the contribution of the private sector in supporting the business system, improving its efficiency, enhancing the competitiveness of the business environment and its attractiveness to investment in various fields, discussing recommendations that facilitate doing business, and ensuring the unification of the voices of workers in the economic fields for the benefit of the targeted sectors.

Business groups Al Ghurair said that business groups play an important role in promoting economic growth in Dubai, as they are an essential component of the business community, and an essential and indispensable strategic partner in creating the future of business in the emirate.

Al Ghurair stressed the Chamber's keenness to serve the interests of business groups, and to enhance their access to the relevant government authorities, with regard to legislation, laws, services, facilities, initiatives, challenges and opportunities.

work system

In front of the heads of business groups, Al Ghurair reviewed the recent changes in the work system in the Dubai Chambers, and their positive impact in supporting business groups, revealing that the Dubai Chamber is working on a qualitative initiative related to business groups, which includes re-elaborating its role and activating its economic contribution, to be a major player in the future industry. business in Dubai.

He explained that the initiative will be announced this year, and will constitute an exceptional shift in the way business groups are organized and managed globally.

Dubai model

He assured the participants in the meeting, the Chamber's commitment to support all economic sectors, and to help companies and business groups to be the voice of their sectors and the exclusive representative of the companies operating in them, noting that real partnership with the private sector is a top priority on the Chamber's priorities during the coming period, stressing that Dubai is a successful model. It is vital to the strategic partnership between the public and private sectors.

28 business group

It is noteworthy that under the umbrella of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce 28 business groups representing more than 30 important economic sectors in the emirate operate.

Since its establishment, business groups have contributed to pushing the trade and investment movement in the emirate, by investing in capabilities, capabilities and expertise, to enhance the competitive advantage of the business community in Dubai.

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce focuses on dialogue with business groups, following up on their affairs, studying their recommendations to identify their priorities and interests, assisting them in developing their business internally and externally, facing the increasing global competition, facilitating their participation in regional and international events related to their activities, and exploring new opportunities for them.

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