Frozen food maker Nissin Frozen Foods Co., Ltd. announced that it will voluntarily collect products manufactured on the same production line, saying that the frozen takoyaki produced by a group company contains metal pieces.

There are more than 4 million packs to be collected, including private brand products from major distributors.

Nissin Food Products Frozen will voluntarily collect 6 types of takoyaki, including "frozen Nissin Takoyaki 6 pieces" and "frozen Nissin Soy Sauce Takoyaki 18 pieces", and the expiration date will be from June 4th. It is about 2.94 million packs by June 28th next year.

According to the company, all of the target products were manufactured at the factories of group companies in Izumisano City, Osaka, and as a result of an investigation late last month when the person who bought the product pointed out that "foreign matter was mixed", it was mixed. It turned out that it was a metal piece whose main component was aluminum, and it was highly possible that part of the equipment on the production line was scraped and mixed.

In addition, Aeon, a major distributor, has a best-by date from June 14th to June 15th next year among the frozen foods "TOPVALU Takoyaki" that were manufactured at the same factory and sold nationwide as a private brand. Announced that it will voluntarily collect about 1.2 million packs of.

NISSIN FROZEN FOODS says, "We apologize for the great inconvenience and concern to the people concerned, and will strive to further improve the management system in the future."