Maud Descamps 10:56 a.m., July 04, 2022

Faced with ever-increasing inflation, more and more employees are demanding wage increases.

But some companies are not able to respond favorably to this request.

So to retain and retain their employees, they are multiplying initiatives to find solutions.

The question of wage increases becomes central again in this period of inflation.

This wage crisis is a brake for many sectors that have had difficulty hiring seasonal workers.

But if some companies can cut back on their margins and grant general increases, some are forced to find other ways to keep their employees.

Three axes to increase purchasing power

In her carpentry business in Val-de-Marne, Catherine Gergnault is thinking of a way to help these eleven employees regain some purchasing power.

If she was able to increase some salaries, the leader believes that it is necessary to go even further.

"I have three axes that I am studying at the moment: restaurant tickets, an incentive plan and also, for the purpose of purchasing power and also the environment, a bonus which would be linked to carpooling" explains- she.

Towards additional leave for employees?

A reflection that is far from being isolated, underlines Benoît Serre, of the National Association of HRDs.

Initiatives are multiplying among employees.

"You have other companies, but that's more the big ones who are thinking about helping their employees to equip themselves with power outlets at home to be able to charge their car", he analyzes at microphone from Europe 1. "You have others who are looking at how to grant two or three additional days off, which is a way of remunerating differently, in other words, of offering a kind of range of services ".


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All these arguments contribute to retaining or attracting employees, because many companies are still having difficulty recruiting.