An indication of the country's growing attractiveness as a business and export hub

«Economy»: 9,657 trademarks registered within 6 months

«Economy»: strong performance witnessed by the trademark sector.


The Ministry of Economy revealed the registration of 9,657 new trademarks in the UAE during the first half of this year 2022, at a rate of 53.65 trademarks per day, so that the UAE continues to consolidate its position as a major investment and commercial center in the region and the world.

June performance

The Trademarks Report for the month of June 2022, issued by the Ministry yesterday, showed that 1,562 trademarks were registered in the UAE last June, in continuation of the strong performance witnessed by the trademark sector, as a result of the country’s growing attractiveness as a business, export and re-export center for the region and the world, especially in light of the ease Doing business, facilitating procedures for registering goods and services, and attracting facilities for corporate activities.

The report indicated that the trademarks registered last June included major sectors and fields of goods and services, which were registered within the country and in the free zones, as well as local companies and major regional and international companies.

Domains and sectors

According to the report, the registered fields included several sectors, including: communications and technology, electronic dealing, health care, medical systems, medicines and pharmaceuticals, as well as sectors: oil, logistics, shipping and facilities management, food and beverages, aviation and space, industry, Management of restaurants and hospitality, real estate, water desalination, education, building materials, investment and general trade, retail trade, cars and spare parts, electronics and telephones, training and consulting, organizing conferences, exhibitions and event management, project management, law.

Activities and companies

The momentum witnessed by the trademark sector in the country reflects the opening of new local companies, the creation of new activities for the already existing companies, as well as the continued entry of major international companies into the local market, whether through the opening of regional headquarters in the country, or through national or foreign agents.

According to the ministry, the package of incentives launched by the federal government during the past months has contributed to enhancing the activity of the trademark sector and other sectors, so that the state maintains its position as the most attractive and competitive investment environment in the region and globally after fully recovering from the repercussions of the "Covid-19" pandemic.

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