On June 28, as the managing partner, Hainan Chuanghui Private Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Chuanghui Capital"), where Peng Chaosong is located, joined hands with Chengdu Tiancheng Electric Technology Co., Ltd. ("Chengdu Tiancheng Electric") Sign an agreement to formally become a shareholder in the company.

Also recently, Chengdu Weikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. completed tens of millions of yuan in financing, which is the second round of equity financing completed by the company in the past six months.

  According to relevant public information, according to incomplete statistics, nearly 100 companies in Chengdu have obtained equity financing in the first half of this year.

As another channel for direct financing, the pace of listing of companies in Chengdu has not slowed down at all.

Up to now, Chengdu has 136 domestic and foreign listed companies, ranking first in the Midwest in terms of the number of listed companies.

  In Chengdu, relevant investment institutions are making investment layouts around the upstream and downstream industries, participating in Chengdu's industrial circle and strong chain through financial means, building a larger investment system and industrial system, and forming a win-win situation.

In addition, an obvious trend is that a group of foreign equity investment institutions are rushing to Chengdu.

  Equity investment market is more active

  Which industries are companies favored by capital?

  "One step ahead of the peers, 'hand in hand' with the investee companies that are in the rising period, grow together with them, and the prospects are promising." Peng Chaosong said that the reason for the investment was because of the technical advantages of Chengdu Tiancheng Electric Technology in the microwave field. "This The millimeter-wave phased array radar technology of one company is in a leading position among domestic counterparts, and this technology is applicable to a wide range of fields, not only in the field of military industry, but also in civil application scenarios such as 5G and vehicle radar. to be applied on a large scale.”

  Chengdu Tiancheng Electric Co., Ltd. is not an isolated case.

Looking at the equity investment market in Chengdu in the first half of the year, many companies from the electronic information industry have obtained financing.

In fact, in the first half of the year, companies in the electronic information industry accounted for the largest share of equity financing.

  From the perspective of financing time, from January to June this year, enterprises in the electronic information industry have obtained financing. For example, among these enterprises, Dianke Xingtuo received angel round financing at the beginning of the year, and Tianruixingtong completed D round of financing in June. Dunkechuang completed a new round of financing with a valuation of nearly 10 billion yuan.

Whether it is the beginning of the year or the "tail of time" in the first half of the year, many companies are seizing opportunities for financing.

  From the perspective of financing stage, corporate financing rounds cover the seed round, A round, B round and C round and other stages.

In terms of regions, among the companies that have obtained equity financing, the number of companies in Chengdu High-tech Zone is relatively large.

  The public financing cases highlight a background. In addition to the emergence of "new face" companies, some "old face" companies have once again "married" with capital due to factors such as increased R&D investment, personnel recruitment and market expansion.

  Observation found that from the perspective of the amount of financing, financing time, and financing rounds, the financing situation of enterprises in the electronic information industry in Chengdu in the first half of the year also occurred in the field of biomedicine.

  Just recently, Chengdu Weikang Biology announced the completion of tens of millions of yuan in equity financing. In fact, this company has already had equity financing before.

Going back in time, there have been many financing cases for biopharmaceutical companies. At the beginning of this year, Biaojing Bio announced the completion of tens of millions of seed round financing; Yousino Bio completed financing of over 100 million yuan; as an "old face" company in the biopharmaceutical field in Chengdu , Borns completed the B round of financing.

  "From the perspective of industry associations, the investment and financing activity of Chengdu's equity investment market in the first half of this year is relatively high, and it is at the forefront of the country. It is mainly concentrated in the advanced manufacturing industry and biomedical industry represented by information technology." Wang Pu, executive deputy secretary-general of the Venture Capital Association, said.

  "The investment reflects the industrial foundation, whether it is the number of listed companies or the development quality of listed companies, it can be seen that Chengdu's biopharmaceutical industry has a great advantage in the central and western regions in recent years, especially in the camp of listed companies on the Science and Technology Innovation Board in Chengdu. Among them, the number of enterprises in the field of biomedicine accounts for a large proportion." said Wang Zhen, Ph.D. in biochemistry and partner of Mingfeng Capital.

  Wang Zhen's observations have data to follow.

According to public statistics, among the nine listed companies in Chengdu in the first half of this year, Haichuang Pharmaceutical was listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

Up to now, the number of listed companies on the Chengdu Science and Technology Innovation Board has reached 15. In addition to Haichuang Pharmaceutical, the biopharmaceutical field also includes companies such as Chengdu Pioneer, Yuandong Bio, Olin Bio, and Sunna Bio.

  Grasp project investment with the thinking of building a circle and strong chain

  Focus on high-end manufacturing, electronic information, biopharmaceutical enterprises

  "The industry has concentrated a large number of overseas returnees and the high-quality resources of West China Hospital, which is inseparable from the guidance of policies." Wang Zhen said that he and his team focused on the field of biomedical health, "We have invested in eight major plastic surgery departments in Chengdu. The hospital and Chengdu Jiongjiong Ophthalmology Chain will also invest in companies in the Chengdu metropolitan area in the next step, hoping to form industrial links with companies in Chengdu.”

  "We focus on the military industry and high-end manufacturing fields. We have also invested in large drone companies in Chengdu, such as Tengdun Science and Technology, Tiancheng Electric, Tiandi Yige, Zhixin Leitong and other enterprises." Peng Chaosong revealed that he is now working hard to put some provincial Foreign companies in the fields of rockets, electronic countermeasures, and satellite manufacturing have been introduced into Chengdu.

  Talking about the investment orientation of the project, Peng Chaosong prefers to call it an investment strategy, and Chengdu's industrial circle and strong chain has brought him a great touch.

"Investment is not only about investing in a project alone, but in fact, an investment behavior will guide the upstream and downstream of the industry chain. As an investment institution, it is our core strategy to invest in projects with industry chain thinking. The companies we currently invest in each other The relationship between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain has been formed, and from the perspective of the supply chain alone, many invested companies have a direct product supply relationship."

  Combing through the projects invested by Chuanghui Capital, it is found that the millimeter wave phased array supporting enterprises invested by it are naturally related to the overall enterprises of drones and rockets.

Through the role of finance, Chuanghui Capital is associated with many enterprises at the same time, which makes it more likely that enterprises will have business intersection in the industrial chain.

  This investment strategy is what Peng Chaosong and his team members value.

"At the time of the transformation of the country's industrial structure, hard technology companies are concerned by capital. Such companies are characterized by dispersion, various types of technologies, and intensive knowledge. Investment institutions must focus on it. In this context, investment along the industrial chain will be investment institutions. The core investment logic for the next decade and beyond.”

  There is another scene that attracts attention.

In addition to local companies obtaining financing from local investment institutions, in fact, a large number of foreign investment institutions are also rushing to Chengdu in the first half of the year.

  Taking enterprises in the electronic information industry as an example, Shansiwei received tens of millions of yuan in financing in March this year. Among the investment institutions, in addition to the local airport venture capital, there are also Huimei Capital, Danlu Capital, Tibet Ruishang, etc. foreign capital.

The above-mentioned Chuanghui Capital, which has invested in several local projects in Chengdu, also comes from outside the province.

  "In the past few years, Chengdu's industrial chain in some sub-sectors is still cultivating, but in recent years, with the increasingly strong industrial foundation of advanced manufacturing, biopharmaceutical and other sectors, not only Chengdu's investment institutions have begun to grow and increase local investment, more and more More and more foreign institutions are coming to Chengdu to invest in projects." Peng Chaosong said.

  "Some market-oriented investment institutions have invested in a lot of high-quality projects, and they are quite famous in the Chengdu investment circle, but because of the small overall scale, compared with well-known institutions in the country, the number of investment projects is also limited, so they have not yet launched nationwide. We believe that more Chengdu investment institutions will go out of the province in the future to promote more good projects to land in Chengdu in the form of investment, introduction and linkage, and we will also help local enterprises to link a wide range of capital support to promote Chengdu enterprises. Go to the capital market." Wang Pu said.

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