"Script Killing" Says Goodbye to Savage Growth

Local operators and creators in Hefei have already begun to take action

  Recently, the Ministry of Public Security and other five departments jointly issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Management of Script Entertainment Business Sites", which for the first time included "script killing, escape room escape" and other new formats of scripted entertainment business sites under management, and specifically proposed to strengthen the management of undeveloped entertainment venues. Adult protection work.

On June 30, the reporter visited and learned that some operators and content creators in Hefei have taken action in this regard.

【new rule】

Business premises and scripts must be marked with the appropriate age range

  This "Notice", for the first time, includes the new formats of scripted entertainment business places that have developed rapidly in recent years, such as "Script Killing" and "Escape Room", into the management.

The new regulations make it clear that script scripts used in script entertainment business establishments should be set up with age-appropriate reminders and indicate the appropriate age range.

If the set scene is not suitable for minors, it should be prompted in a prominent position, and minors should not be allowed to enter.

  The "Notice" requires that, except for national statutory holidays, rest days, and winter and summer vacations, scripted entertainment venues are not allowed to provide scripted entertainment activities to minors; strict content management is required, and venues are encouraged to use scripted scripts that promote the main theme and spread positive energy. Content self-examination of script scripts and performances, scenes, props, costumes, etc., script entertainment activities must not contain content prohibited by laws and regulations.


  Summer student population grows, but mostly adults

  In recent years, the number of business locations in Hefei has been increasing.

No matter in shopping malls, streets or office buildings, you can see script killing shops in operation.

On the evening of June 30, the reporter visited a number of script killing shops near the Pedestrian Street in Luyang District. Most of them were five or six young people waiting to form a group.

  In the Gujing Baihua Building in Luyang District, the reporter met Xiao Zhang, the manager of a script killing shop.

She is 27 years old this year and has been in the business for 3 years. Through hard work, she has become a store manager from a small shop assistant.

"This store started out as a board game store, and it has gradually transformed into a script-killing store following the trend. It has been 6 years since then."

  On weekdays, most of the shoppers are young white-collar workers.

With the summer vacation coming, many students will come to play in groups, but adults are still the main consumers.

"Because the selection of the script requires an appointment in advance, if a minor calls, we will try to communicate with each other's parents as much as possible." Xiao Zhang introduced that some time ago, a group of middle school students came to play, accompanied by their parents, and participated in it.

  Xiao Zhang said that they will also pay more attention to the recommendation and selection of scripts.

"If there are minors involved in the Reasoning Bureau, the clerk will recommend a script about friendship, family affection or fairy tale pets. In addition, the DM (host) and real NPC will change their performance methods in a timely manner according to the situation on the spot."

  Later, the reporter came to an immersive performance theater on Huaihe Road in Luyang District. Mr. Li, the manager of the theater, told reporters, "We strictly prohibit the reception of minors here. Unless there is a guardian, the staff will recommend some suitable scripts."


  After the implementation of the new regulations, the development of the industry will get better and better

  "At the beginning of the year, we have noticed that other cities have issued policies to regulate the script to kill the industry, and now the state has issued a more specific management notice, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for the entire industry." Xiao Zhang revealed that the new regulations require scripts Entertainment business premises shall not be located in residential buildings, below the basement level of the building (excluding the basement level), etc. There is a colleague's script killing shop on the basement floor, and now the other party is considering whether to change the place or change careers.

  Mr. Li said that due to the rapid expansion of the script killing industry, there will still be some pirated, vulgar, religious superstition, and pornographic scripts circulating on the market.

A small number of practitioners walk on the edge of the law and public order and good customs, which not only infringes the interests of consumers, but also damages the interests of legal and compliant operators.

"Sometimes we want to complain, but we don't know which department to complain to, and we are afraid that the other party will not accept it. After the implementation of the new regulations, the development of the industry will definitely get better and better."


  The script focuses on the theme of red positive energy, and seeks external cooperation

  In addition to operators, as content creators of "script killing", they are also very concerned about the new management regulations promulgated this time.

Xiaotu (pseudonym), 24, is the content director of a script-killing studio.

Before entering the industry, he was mainly engaged in screenwriting career, and also wrote some online articles.

  "As an emerging industry, there must be many problems with 'script killing' in the early stage of development. A batch of non-compliant scripts and stores will be automatically eliminated within the industry, but self-discipline in the industry is not a long-term solution, and it still has to rely on government control." Xiaotu revealed , At present, the scripts on the market do not set age-appropriate prompts in the script, mark the appropriate age range, etc. The suitability of content creation depends entirely on self-consciousness.

  Due to various reasons, Xiaotu's studio has also experienced a period of confusion, but fortunately, it has survived now.

"Content is king and will never be out of date. As professionalism, we are all responsible for our own words. From script creation to listing, we basically have to go through three or four audits. Of course, this is only an internal audit of the industry." Xiaotu Said that the studio has established cooperative relations with provincial media, and the review of some script content has been increased.

  "When the script is created, the content will conform to national policies, will not violate laws and regulations, will not touch the bottom line of morality, pay attention to the suitability and educational significance of the content, and spread the values ​​that are conducive to the growth of young people." Xiaotu revealed that in the future The studio will still focus on creating scripts such as red themes and reasoning themes, and will also cooperate with external parties, so that script killing scripts can be transformed into film and novel IPs.


  Beware of "script killing" endangering the physical and mental health of minors

  Hu Ranran, a national second-level psychological consultant at the Fourth People's Hospital of Hefei City, believes that the script and plot guidance of "script killing" are very important, and there needs to be a correct value orientation.

  "The harm of 'script killing' to young people includes that the script itself is not standardized, and contains blood, violence, pornography, etc., and young people are in a stage of development, and their self-judgment ability is low." Hu Ranran said, "script killing" It is a highly immersive game, and it is easy for teenagers to fall into it and cannot extricate themselves, and cannot distinguish between virtual and reality, thus affecting the psychological development of teenagers.

  Hu Ranran believes that it is undoubtedly timely and necessary to place special emphasis on the protection of minors in the process of incorporating the new format of scripted entertainment venues into unified management.

"Schools and parents should also have a sense of protection, strengthen education in peacetime, and guide minors to take the initiative to stay away from scripts that are harmful to physical and mental health." Co-Paper All Media reporter Shao Xiaojie