There is little that the EU Commission does not regulate.

This does not include the fees associated with using a credit card in the EU but outside the euro zone.

Why not?

It contradicts the European idea that lunch in Copenhagen is more expensive than in Paris, even though the price is assumed to be the same, just because the bill is to be paid in kronor and not in euros.

With SEPA, the EU was able to establish a successful and efficient model for credit transfers and direct debits years ago, even beyond the borders of the international community.

Why not also with the currency fees?

Brussels is in demand because the banks do not want to give a credible justification for the additional work they have to do when billing in kroner or zloty – and perhaps they cannot, either.

It cannot be immensely high

otherwise neo-banks would not be able to offer their customers this service free of charge with free credit cards.

Classic banks, however, charge account management fees and then help themselves more or less shamelessly to their customers' holiday funds.

That has to stop!

At least in the EU.