Includes amusement parks, amusement parks, and jogging tracks

"Al Warqa" .. Distinctive options of apartments and villas

Al Warqaa is characterized by its strategic location on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road.

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A recent report by, a website that specializes in real estate research, monitored the prices of residential rents in the Al Warqaa area in Dubai, for both apartments and villas.

Distinctive options

According to the report, which "Emirates Today" reviewed, a copy of it, the Al Warqa area includes distinguished options of apartments and villas, at a time when it is witnessing a great and continuous development in terms of residential real estate.

Al Warqa is divided into five sub-neighborhoods, and is distinguished by its strategic location on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, making it easier for its residents to reach other vital areas of Dubai.

Al Warqaa also includes parks and recreational parks, as it is the home of the “Dubai Safari” park, in addition to three other parks in “Al Warqa’a 4” and “Al Warqaa 3”, which include running and cycling tracks, in addition to two football fields and a basketball court. And another for tennis. Residents can also shop from Al Warqa Mall, which includes a distinguished group of shops.

The report stated that most of the real estate in Al Warqa is confined to villas, but a group of apartments can be found in Al Warqa 1 .

The report indicated that the average rental value for the “studio” category in “Al Warqaa 1” is about 24 thousand dirhams annually, for the “room and hall” category about 32 thousand dirhams, and for the “two rooms and hall” category about 46 thousand dirhams.

villa areas

According to, the "Al Warqa'a 3" complex has the highest search rate for villas, among other complexes in the Al Warqa area as a whole, with 49.89%, while "Al Warqa'a 2" has a search rate of 25.83%, and "Al Warqa'a 4". A search rate of 24.29% of the total searches for villas.

Al Warqa 3 is considered one of the most popular residential complexes among those looking for villas for rent in the Al Warqaa area, as it includes sports fields and a garden for families, in addition to its proximity to the Al Warqa Mall shopping center.

The average rental value of a villa in Al Warqa 3 is about 252,000 dirhams annually, and four-bedroom villas can be found with an average rent of 172,000 dirhams annually.

"Al Warqa'a 2"

In turn, "Al Warqa'a 2" is distinguished by its inclusion of a wide range of residential properties, including apartments and villas with distinctive facilities, and includes fitness clubs and swimming pools, in addition to running tracks.

According to, the search rate for villas for rent in Al Warqa 2 was about 25.83%, while the average annual rent for the villa is 211,000 dirhams, and five-bedroom villas can be found with an average rent of 246,000 dirhams annually.

Al Warqa 4

The report pointed out that "Al Warqa 4" is one of the distinguished residential complexes in the region, as it is also characterized by the availability of facilities such as playgrounds, parks and running tracks, which led to an increase in the percentage of search for villas for rent in it to 24.29%, while the average annual rent for a villa in the region is 217. thousand dirhams.

Most of the real estate of Al Warqa is confined to villas, and a group of apartments can be found in Al Warqaa 1 .

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