July 8 this year is the 10th "7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day".

A few days ago, Ping An Life launched a series of activities with various forms and distinctive features around the annual theme of "Endeavoring the New Journey to Safeguard Stable Happiness".

  Ping An Life earnestly implemented the requirements of the "7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day" in light of its own actual conditions, and actively promoted the formation of a wave of activities.

In terms of event organization, the overall deployment and full participation of all staff will mobilize institutions at all levels to continue to carry out the series of activities related to the Insurance Publicity Day to help popularize financial insurance knowledge. It is an external media platform that focuses on the publicity and promotion of 7.8 related content to help improve the insurance image industry.

  Ping An Life actively responded to the call of the China Insurance Industry Association, and made every effort to carry out the "Boost Rural Revitalization and Serve the Elderly Group" insurance public welfare walking activity, "Card Point Show Insurance" short video topic challenge activity, "InsurTech & Happy Life" publicity activities, A series of national activities such as "cue to my happiness @ 10th 7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day" online topic activities, while promoting the in-depth interaction between the insurance industry and the public, provide insurance protection and insurance for areas and people in need. Public welfare services, guide the public to increase their awareness of insurance and the protection of consumer rights and interests, and improve the convenience of services and the public's sense of gain.

  At the same time, taking the "7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day" as an opportunity, Ping An Life launched the "Insurance Five Entry" activities based on the actual situation of each branch, and carefully organized public welfare social services such as the Ping An Guardian Action, the introduction of insurance knowledge to the campus, and the health lecture hall. Activities, and the use of 7.8 publicity posters, insurance promotion color pages, salon training and other forms of comprehensive and multi-angle popularization of insurance knowledge, strengthen interaction with the public, and improve the public's financial consumption literacy.

  In addition, Ping An Life gave full play to the advantages of its institutional outlets, organized and carried out special anti-illegal publicity month activities according to local conditions, and actively carried out publicity and education on consumer prevention of illegal fundraising, helping the general public to improve their risk prevention capabilities.

In view of the characteristics of the aging group, each institution actively creates a strong atmosphere of activities by entering the community and posting posters in business outlets, organizes and promotes the work of serving the aging population, and continuously improves the service level of elderly customers.

  Ping An Life has solidly carried out multi-form, multi-channel and multi-level publicity and education activities for new citizens, escorting the beautiful and healthy life of consumers, especially "new citizens".

  During this year's "7.8 National Insurance Public Promotion Day", Ping An Life also cooperated with "Southern Weekend" to interview and report Ping An Life's 2022 digital peak heroes, introducing their stories of embracing change, providing professional services, and breaking through themselves.

This series of reports focuses on the career development process of the peak heroes of Ping An Life, vividly describes how the agent team has transformed into a high-quality, high-performance and high-quality direction, and shows that insurers are high-spirited, helpful, selfless and optimistic in work and life. The upward mental outlook helps to shape a good image of the industry and promote the positive energy of the industry.

  "7.8 National Insurance Public Awareness Day" has been held for 9 consecutive years since the first event was held in 2013. It has been widely praised both inside and outside the industry, and has become a cultural business card of the insurance industry.

In 2022, Ping An Life will, as always, actively respond to the call of the industry, closely follow the theme of the Public Promotion Day, and carry out insurance promotion activities in various forms to popularize insurance protection knowledge for the public.

  New era, new mission, new responsibilities and new actions.

In the future, Ping An Life will always bear in mind the insurance mission of "not forgetting the original intention to protect the beauty", returning to the origin of protection, serving the national strategy, actively fulfilling social responsibilities, providing warm products and services for the public and consumers, and safeguarding the safety of families. !