"The latest money-saving plan in 2022, the hotel will replace renting a house" "When staying in a hotel, the bed will be laid after get off work every day, the garbage bag will be changed, and the mineral water will be replenished" "If you live in a hotel next to the company, your daily commute time will be reduced by 3 hours. "... Recently, on platforms such as Xiaohongshu and Douyin, long-term hotel rentals have become hot spots.

  Puding (net name) in Beijing told Shell Finance reporter that the hotel will launch special rooms from time to time on platforms such as Ctrip, Qunar, Fliggy, etc., which are basically 50 or 40% off the retail price, and you can still book in advance on major apps. Take advantage of early bird rates.

Guo Guoguo, who started a business in Hangzhou, communicated with the hotel manager and obtained a long-term lease agreement price. The monthly rent is 2,800 yuan, the daily rent is less than 100 yuan, and the hotel's normal retail price is about 150 yuan.

  The manager of JI Hotel Beijing Jianguomen Wai Baiqiao Street told Shell Finance reporter that in the case of low occupancy rate, the hotel's vigorous development of long-term rental business can ease the pressure on cash flow, while increasing the occupancy rate and reducing some losses.

The occupancy rate of JI Hotel Baiqiao Street in May in previous years could reach 60%-70%, but only 20%-30% in May this year, and the hotel turnover has dropped by more than 50% compared with previous years.

After vigorously promoting long-term rental discounts, the store's long-term rental customers have increased significantly compared with previous years. At present, about 10% of the room occupancy relies on long-term rental customers. According to the 30% occupancy rate of the store in May, about One-third of revenue depends on long-term rental business.

  As the hotel industry has been cold in recent years, more and more businesses have begun to cut prices to launch long-term rental services, which has become a new choice for some office workers.

However, under the high cost input of the hotel industry, how long can the long-term rental hotel cost be lower than the rental cost?

For young people, can the lifestyle of long-term hotel rental instead of renting be a long-term alternative?

  In this regard, Shell Finance reporter interviewed several young people living in long-term rental hotels, and consulted more than 20 hotels in Beijing and Shenzhen, trying to uncover the stories behind young people's choice of long-term rental hotels.

The long-term rental hotel is "unexpectedly expensive", and dozens of girls and friends stay in Amway

  Before moving into the hotel, Pudding rented a single room in Beijing for 5,000 yuan a month, and opened the door to Chaoyang Joy City.

  In October 2021, the landlord suddenly notified Pudding to move, and she chose to stay in a hotel for a temporary buffer.

After selling the movie books that had not been opened 4 times after moving with him, he gave and threw away a batch of items. Finally, Pudding packed the remaining luggage and put it in a friend's studio for storage, and checked into the hotel with his belongings.

  The hotel where Pudding lives is close to the Bird's Nest, a famous scenic spot in Beijing, and belongs to a mid-range chain hotel.

In order to save money for long-term rental, Pudding basically booked the cheapest room type in the hotel, and the room area was less than 20 square meters.

  After checking in, Pudding started a worry-free life mode. The monthly cost of renting a long-term hotel is no more than 4,500 yuan, but he can enjoy various services 24 hours a day: wake up every day, the robot will deliver breakfast to the door of the room; auntie cleans every day, Replacement of disposable items such as bed sheets, bath towels, toothbrushes, etc., and replenishment of daily consumables such as mineral water, toilet paper, and masks; even takeaways and express delivery, hotel robots can also be delivered to the door of the room; small refrigerators, washing machines and other furniture in the hotel Everything is available, 24-hour hot water, if there is any problem with home appliances, maintenance workers will come to solve the problem at any time; if you forget to bring your room card, you can also contact the front desk to solve the problem.

  After living in the hotel for a month, Pudding found that when he lived in the hotel, almost all life problems were arranged in an orderly manner by the hotel, and he never picked up his luggage in his friend's studio.

And due to the limited space in the hotel, my shopping desire has also been significantly reduced, and I have more money on hand.

Under the service of the hotel, Puding Duansheli's life is like a duck to water.

  On Xiaohongshu, "long-term rental hotels" has become a hot topic. Searching for this keyword can get 20,000+ notes, many of which are bloggers who share their own long-term rental hotel diaries.

A Shanghai blogger's post "Going to work in a long-term hotel" received more than 600 discussions. Many netizens in the comment area shared their experience in long-term hotel rentals and their tips for saving money in long-term hotel rentals.

  On a short video platform, the monthly rental price of mid-range hotels in popular tourist attractions in Beijing has even dropped to 3,000 yuan.

According to the description of some bloggers, long-term hotel rental is cheaper than renting a house. It can not only enjoy intimate service but also shorten commute time. Long-term rental hotel seems to be the best choice for office workers.

  In Beijing, the "long-distance commute" of up to two or three hours is a reality that many office workers must face.

In this regard, Pudding believes that long-term hotel rentals instead of renting are "finding shortcuts in life and reducing unnecessary efforts".

  Guo Guoguo also chose to rent a hotel for a long time. She devoted herself to starting a business in Hangzhou and took "doing great things" as her life slogan.

In the matter of renting a hotel for a long time, Guo Guoguo has always believed that his hands are used to conquer the world, not to wash clothes, mop the floor, and cook.

  Unlike Pudding and Guo Guoguo, Ms. Zhang could not afford the house deposit and the payment method of quarterly payment when she first arrived in Shenzhen. Considering that she would need to buy furniture and buy daily necessities for renting a house, Ms. Zhang decided to stay in a hotel first.

  In a budget hotel, Ms. Zhang negotiated with the hotel after confirming the room environment, and finally rented for a long time at the price of 120 yuan per day, 3,600 yuan per month. The rent includes breakfast, water, electricity, Wi-Fi, room service and daily drinking water service. .

In daily life, because it is close to a business district and subway station in Shenzhen, the retail price of the hotel room where Ms. Zhang lives is around 189 yuan.

  Miss Zhang told Shell Finance reporters that the price of long-term rental hotels is not expensive, and there are many ways to obtain long-term rental discounts.

Under the recommendation of the hotel front desk, Ms. Zhang spent more than 100 yuan to buy a hotel membership gold card, which can enjoy preferential discounts. In addition, the App will also issue coupons from time to time. The longer you stay, the higher the membership level, and the greater the discount. bigger.

  Pudding also told Shell Finance reporters that many people have the stereotype that "hotels are expensive" and subconsciously make renting a house their first choice, but in fact, placing an order through the hotel's exclusive app can enjoy consecutive stay discounts. After the consecutive stay date reaches a certain number , the membership level will gradually increase, and the consecutive stay discount plus the highest member discount can basically reach about 40% off the hotel rack price.

  Ms. Zhang, who enjoys the convenience of long-term rental hotels to save money and worry, told reporters that Amway has already made dozens of friends stay in long-term rental hotels.

Is renting a hotel cheaper than renting a hotel?

Hotels and consumers continue to compete

  "Is it expensive to stay in a hotel in Wangfujing? Mid-to-high-end chain hotels, free mini bar, free self-service laundry, and monthly rent of over 5,000" "In Beijing's second ring road, a mid-range hotel for two people for a month is only 2,999" "Beijing Chaoyang Park Nearby, two people live in a budget hotel, the monthly subscription is only more than 2,000,000, and there is free parking, self-service washing machines, free drinks, etc."... Search on Douyin with the keyword "Beijing hotel monthly subscription", all kinds of hotels The video of visiting the store is overwhelming. Hotels of different grades not only include daily rental discounts, but also monthly rental discounts that are much lower than the market price.

  The large discounts on long-term hotel rentals also reflect the business trend of the hotel industry in recent years.

The "2021 China Accommodation Industry Development and Consumption Trend Report" shows that in the past two years, the number of hotels in first-tier cities and provincial capital cities has dropped by 20.4% and 29.6% respectively.

Among them, individual hotels have been severely hit, and the number of individual hotels closed nationwide is around 150,000.

  Behind the difficulty of hotel operation is the decline in occupancy rate and the reduction in the unit price of customers.

  In the first quarter of 2022, Huazhu Group, which owns many well-known hotel chain brands such as Hanting, JJ, Orange, and Orange Crystal, had an average occupancy rate of 59.2%, a decrease of 7% compared with the same period last year. Compared to the same period in 2019, the occupancy rate fell by 24.6%.

Qunar data shows that compared with 2021, the overall hotel unit price will be lower in 2022.

The average nightly price of four or five-star hotels has dropped by about 30% compared with previous years, and the prices of other low-star hotels have also dropped by about 20%.

  Various hotel groups have also begun to secretly make efforts in the long-term rental business.

Huazhu Club, an app of Huazhu Group, once launched discounts for consecutive stays, with 25% discount for consecutive stays of 7 days or more; BTG Homeinn, an app of Home Inn Hotel Group, also launched a medium and long-term rental section.

  In the OAT platform, in April 2021, the Ctrip App launched the monthly rental service. Consumers can select long-term rental hotel services and compare long-term hotel rentals according to their needs. The discount can even be up to 40% off compared to the retail price.

  However, a number of Beijing hotel staff told Shell Finance reporters that according to the cumulative cost of hotel rent, water and electricity costs, staff costs, and the cost of customers' daily consumables, the current monthly rent is basically losing money, and the high monthly rent preferential price is only because Business is bleak under special circumstances.

  In order to cope with the current situation of monthly rental losses, many hotels have also launched a simplified monthly rental package.

In mid-June, when a Shell Finance reporter inquired about the monthly rental of a hotel as a consumer, a hotel near the Temple of Heaven said that the monthly rental hotel does not provide services such as disposable supplies and drinking water for free; a hotel in Chaoyang Park said that the current monthly rental does not include water and electricity There is no aunt to clean the room, and no one-time consumables and drinking water services are provided.

  With the upsurge in hotel bookings, the monthly rental discounts of many hotels are also gradually declining.

A hotel in Qianmen, Beijing told reporters that the monthly rent discount of 3,499 yuan advertised by bloggers in mid-May this year will basically not appear after that, and the current monthly rent starts at a minimum of more than 6,000 yuan.

  In response to the decline in discounts, Pudding doesn't care. She believes that as long as she is willing to look for it, she can find the corresponding hotel at any price. The price of the hotel she currently lives in is not suitable, and moving from the hotel is just "pack it in a plastic bag and bring it up." Things that go away."

  The monthly rental price of a hotel in Pudding has never exceeded 4,500 yuan.

  In the screenshot of the Huazhu Club App order that Puding showed to Shell Finance reporters, in May and June this year, Puding stayed at a mid-range hotel chain at 3,360 yuan per month and 4,140 yuan per month, respectively.

During the booking process, Pudding compares prices back and forth in the three consumption methods of OAT platform, hotel exclusive app and short video group purchase. Under several discounts such as early bird price + continuous stay discount + platinum membership rights and interests, Pudding's current hotel monthly rental price is from less than 4500 yuan.

Is it possible to rent a hotel for a long time instead of renting a house?

  In 2021, Cranberry (screen name) rented a single room in a private hotel in Beijing's Second Ring Road for 3,000 yuan per month.

There is a beautiful large terrace on the second floor of the hotel. Every afternoon, the ivy on the entire wall shimmers with gold in the afterglow of the setting sun. Cranberry likes to sit on the rattan chair on the terrace and sit in a daze.

  However, after living in a private hotel in the second ring road for a month, Cranberry moved out.

  Living in a hotel can't meet some of Cranberry's living needs, and she has never let the hotel cleaners enter the room, who pays attention to personal privacy.

For Cranberry, she may be a representative of another type of young people. She is keen on decorating and remodeling rooms, often cooks, and likes to exercise at home.

And these most precious fireworks in life cannot be realized in hotels.

  If it is said that the inability to meet their own needs for life is a major problem, then the large price fluctuation is the direct reason that affects young people's continued stay in hotels.

  In the investigation of Shell Finance reporters, the monthly rental price of hotels fluctuates greatly, and almost all hotels are unable to provide the specific amount of rent for the next month.

  A hotel manager told reporters that doubling the monthly rent is a common situation.

Taking a chain hotel, the Bird's Nest Store in Beijing Asian Games Village as an example, the monthly rental price of the store was 3,999 yuan in mid-May, and the price rose to 4,999 yuan within a month, and the store staff told reporters that the preferential price of 4,999 yuan can only last. By the end of June, there will be no longer monthly discounts.

At the beginning, before Cranberry moved in, the hotel owner had informed that the preferential monthly rental price of 3,000 yuan would only last for one month.

  July and August are peak seasons for the hotel industry.

The manager of a mid-range hotel chain in Beijing told the Shell Finance reporter that according to past experience, he does not actually welcome long-term tenants. Although it is a pity that the room is idle, once the monthly rent is low, the cost of house maintenance, the commission of employees' room sales, water and electricity, etc. The cost is not a small number, and "the price of the hotel industry fluctuates too much. Once the monthly rent price is negotiated, the price cannot be increased within a month, and the increase in the room price during the peak season will bring great losses to the hotel."

  In other words, for hotels, the long-term low-cost monthly rent is actually equivalent to betting against the market.

Zhao Huanyan, chief knowledge management expert of Huamei Hotel Consulting Co., Ltd., also said in an interview with Shell Finance reporter that the development of long-term rental business in hotels under the epidemic can solve the problem of room rental for a long time and increase cash flow, but it should not be too long and discounted. High, to avoid reducing revenue after the customer base recovers.

  Before moving into the hotel, Cranberry made plans to not be able to live for a long time. She believes that the monthly rent of 3,000 yuan is indeed a low price. After the market environment returns to the right track, the monthly rent price will eventually return to the market.

Young people who choose to stay in hotels based on the logic of "low price and cheap" will eventually abandon their previous choices because of the price.

  According to a survey by the Beijing News Shell Finance reporter, the audience for long-term hotel rentals is still long-distance travel, remote job hunting, medical treatment, business travel, and examination training. of young people are only a small fraction.

  Liu Wenyi, the relevant person in charge of the Qunar hotel business, told the Shell Finance reporter that after the epidemic, the number of long-term rental properties has indeed increased.

But on the whole, the number of long-term rentals and the number of orders accounted for a small proportion of the overall hotel.

  However, in first-tier and new first-tier cities such as Shenzhen and Hangzhou, for consumers, there seems to be room for development of long-term hotel rentals instead of renting houses.

On the BTG Homeinn App, Shell Finance reporters consulted three Homeinn hotels in Shenzhen’s business district, and got a monthly discount price of 120 to 135 yuan per day, and the price not only includes breakfast and cleaning services, but also can press day payment.

One of the hotel staff revealed to reporters that the number of long-term rental rooms in the hotel currently accounts for about 30% to 40% of the total number of rooms.

  Guo Guoguo, who started a business in Hangzhou, believes that the price of 2,800 yuan per month for a long-term hotel rental is particularly cost-effective when the rental price in Hangzhou is high.

Ms. Zhang, who works in Shenzhen, also told Shell Finance reporter that during the period of staying in the hotel, the monthly rental price of the hotel has hardly increased. The monthly price of 3,600 yuan has lasted for two months, and currently renting a hotel of the same quality Residential houses need about 4,000 yuan, which does not include a series of expenses such as water, electricity, and daily consumables.

  Qunar big data shows that the top 10 cities with the largest number of long-term rentals are: Chongqing, Suzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, Nanning, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Changsha, Chengdu, and Xiamen.

It can be seen that long-term rentals are mainly concentrated in first-tier and new first-tier cities.

Zhao Huanyan also believes that the first-tier cities have standardized serviced apartments, and the long-term rental hotel model has more room for development in the second- and third-tier cities.

  Beijing News Shell Finance reporter Li Menghan