At the list price, this mega Chinese contract reaches the staggering sum of 35.6 billion euros (37 billion in dollars).

Airbus announced on Friday that it had obtained the signature of four companies from the Middle Kingdom for the global purchase of 292 A320 family aircraft.

The companies concerned are Air China, China Eastern (100 aircraft), China Southern and Shenzhen Airlines.

“These new orders demonstrate the strong confidence that our customers place in Airbus,” reacted Christian Scherer, the aircraft manufacturer's commercial director.

He takes the opportunity to thank his team of negotiators “for having successfully concluded these long and in-depth discussions which took place throughout the difficult Covid-19 pandemic”.

The A320neo dubbed

The manager also sees in the outcome of this contract “solid approval (…) in China, of the performance, quality, energy efficiency and durability of the world's first family of single-aisle aircraft”.

The A320neo, launched six years ago, thanks to the "shark fins" placed at the end of the wings and its new engine, saves 20% fuel.

It has already recorded 8,000 orders and 2,200 copies have been delivered so far.

There are currently 2,070 Airbuses operated by companies in China.


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