China News Service, June 30. According to the website of the Ministry of Finance, recently, three departments including the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "Direct Subsidy and Quick Service" on promoting enterprises to absorb employment and social insurance subsidies to help stabilize jobs and expand employment. announcement of".

The "Notice" pointed out that recently, the unexpected impact of a new round of epidemics and changes in the international situation has brought new challenges to employment stabilization.

In order to intensify the implementation of the employment policy, promote the full enjoyment of the policy, and help employers to stabilize jobs and expand employment, it is planned to implement the "direct subsidy and quick service" action for enterprises to absorb employment social insurance subsidies.

  The "Notice" requires that the whole process be handled online.

All localities should speed up the establishment of a provincial-level integrated employment subsidy policy application and handling system, in which enterprises to absorb employment social insurance subsidy policies should all apply online before the end of December 2022, and use websites, mobile APPs, etc. Units and workers provide services such as subsidy application, qualification verification, processing progress inquiries, and fund distribution.

At present, there are no items that can be handled online, and services are provided through telephone consultation, guidance, appointments, etc. as much as possible.

  The "Notice" pointed out that the "direct subsidy and quick service" model should be implemented.

All localities should change the previous working model of enterprises’ door-to-door application and departmental approval at various levels, extract the information of the new insurance participants of the company in the last month on a monthly basis, and work with the local education and other departments to do a good job of comparing with the real-name database of people with employment difficulties, graduate information, etc. , and actively screen to determine the units and personnel that meet the subsidy conditions.

Through door-to-door publicity, 12333 government service platform and other channels, proactively push policies to beneficiaries, and inform subsidy policy content, application process, and handling channels.

For those who can directly rely on the information system, big data comparison, information coordination of relevant units to obtain or verify the policy certificate, it can be directly issued to the enterprise account.

  The "Notice" also makes provisions for optimizing the audit handling process.

All localities should encrypt the frequency of review, so that the review will be followed as the application is determined.

If the local social security payment base has not yet been verified, the subsidy amount can be calculated according to the actual payment situation of the enterprise or the payment base of the previous year, and then the payment base is determined before it is verified.

Promote "one-time approval, full-time free access", after the company first applies for the subsidy policy, if the relevant situation and materials have not changed during the policy enjoyment period, it is not allowed to repeatedly provide supporting materials.

Further optimize the handling process, reduce links, materials, and time limits, formulate the social security subsidy review and distribution process and handling guidelines, and speed up the progress of funds distribution. Review and subsidy disbursement process.

(Zhongxin Finance)