The "learning app" that sells dog meat can be put to rest

  Nowadays, “learning apps” with functions such as “searching questions”, “course learning”, “memorizing words” and “self-study punching cards” have become more and more widely used in the daily learning scenarios of primary and secondary school students, satisfying students to enjoy anytime, anywhere. The demand for learning resources also allows more students to have access to richer knowledge.

This is something worthy of recognition, but some phenomena are worrying: some media have exposed the chaos of some "learning apps": self-study software has become a "chat community", and users can also design their own avatars and dress up their personal space ;Users staged a "scolding war" in the message area, and the language was vulgar; the interlocking consumption inducement guides users who have not been deeply involved in the world to buy "course gift packs"; some software is full of a lot of pornographic and vulgar advertisements...

  In response to the above-mentioned chaos, relevant laws and regulations have long been banned, and "laws must be followed" is imperative.

my country's Advertising Law explicitly prohibits the appearance of advertisements involving pornography and violence, and the Law on the Protection of Minors also stipulates that online education network products and services targeting minors shall not insert links to online games, and shall not push advertisements and other information unrelated to teaching.

Faced with the excessive commercialization and entertainment of some "learning apps", relevant departments are also improving laws and regulations to regulate the product design of such software from a system and legal perspective.

  Exploring a profit model that meets user needs and social value requirements is indeed a problem faced by some "learning apps".

But in the name of learning, relying on vulgar, pornographic information and highly inductive advertising pop-ups to make profits is bound to be unfeasible.

If software developers can combine the characteristics of users at different stages, set up content products that meet the corresponding stages, and provide users with valuable learning resources and a community with a fresh atmosphere, the "paid membership system" and other operating models are also possible.

  Education is a "big business" that has been done for a long time, and cannot be a "small business" where capital seeks profit.

Developers of "learning apps" should cherish their feathers, keep their social responsibilities, and operate in compliance with laws and regulations in order to win long-term recognition from users and society.

It is also an indispensable part of the supervision department to improve supervision methods and comply with laws.

Draw a bottom line and a red line for apps that endanger the healthy growth of students, excessive commercialization and entertainment, and guide technology to empower education, so that "learning apps" that sell dog meat have nowhere to hide.

  Wang Junli Source: China Youth Daily