Israel: Faced with the dissolution of the Knesset, voters tired of having to return to vote

Israel is preparing for its fifth legislative elections which will take place next November with a divided society, repeated polls and the same political deadlock looming.

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Israel plunges into a new political crisis.

The deputies voted to dissolve Parliament on Thursday, June 30.

The country is preparing for its fifth legislative elections in less than four years.

They will take place next November with a divided society, repeated elections and the key, the same political deadlock that is looming.


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With our correspondent in Jerusalem


Sami Boukhelifa

At the mere mention of a

new ballot

, Batya sighs.

The young woman is tired of these repeated votes.

During the last twelve years, that is to say since I obtained the right to vote at 18 – today I am 30 – I had to vote seven times.

Whereas in principle, I should not have voted more than three times during this whole period.

Vote again?

It seems unnecessary to me.

A traditional left-wing voter, Batya says she no longer wants to vote: “ 

I have tried all the parties, I have never voted for the extremes.

But they are all the same.

All fine words, but once elected to the Knesset, they change nothing and do nothing.


A proportional integral difficult to obtain

Yet change is badly needed, says Yoni.

For this young right-wing voter, the Israeli political system has reached its limits.

This situation sucks us out.

But it is essential to have a government.

Our country faces far too many challenges.

We have to think about changing our whole political system.

It is not normal for one or two elected officials to defect, and the whole Parliament and the government collapse.

The Israeli system is based on proportional integral.

Voters vote in one round and there are 120 MP seats.

To govern, it is necessary to obtain at least 61 of them. No more party manages to reach this majority.

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