To protect traditional markets, large marts are currently closed twice a month, and online delivery is not available that day.

The government judged this as an excessive regulation and announced that it would allow online delivery.

It is the beginning of the regulatory reform that the new government has been professing, but the opposition is not formidable.

This is Reporter Jung Joon-ho.


Office workers who do not have enough time to shop do not like it to be closed on holidays.

[Woo Min-ji / Gangseo-gu, Seoul: If the large marts are closed, I use the local small mart.

I think there are cases where people don't like the quality of goods a little bit.]

[Soo-in Song/Gangseo-gu, Seoul: If it closes on Sunday, we usually visit again the next day.]

Twice a month Online delivery is prohibited even on holidays and before the mart opens on weekdays.

This regulation was created to protect small business owners.

The Fair Trade Commission judged it to be excessive regulation.

The Fair Trade Commission plans to allow online delivery before business hours as well as on compulsory holidays.

He also said that he would change the structure so that small and medium-sized companies could participate in the budget phone market dominated by the subsidiaries of the three telecommunication companies.

We also decided to improve the selection criteria for food service providers for public institutions, which are advantageous for companies with logistics centers, such as large corporations.

The Fair Trade Commission selected 44 regulations that limit market competition or harm consumers and started consultations with relevant ministries.

This is the start of the regulatory reform that the new government has been professing, but there are still many hurdles to overcome.

Right now, in the case of allowing online delivery on compulsory holidays in marts, backlash from traditional market merchants is expected.

[Park Young-an/Ahyeon Market Merchant Chairman: You can't do online delivery.

Of course there will be damage.

It doesn't mean that you're on vacation.

I'm closing my eyes and screaming.]

The Fair Trade Commission announced that if there is any friction in regulatory reform, it will coordinate through the newly established Economic Regulatory Tribunal or the Office for Government Policy Coordination.

(Video coverage: Kim Gyun-jong, video editing: Jung Yong-hwa)