“The Ministry of Finance used to put excess profits from oil and gas into foreign currency, into the National Welfare Fund, and so on, within the framework of the budget rule.

Now foreign currency is toxic, but we are ready to do it in order to influence the exchange rate in the currency of friendly countries.

And through the currency of friendly countries, through cross-rates against the dollar and the euro, it will be possible to regulate the value of the dollar and the euro against the ruble through such a ratio, ”RIA Novosti quotes Siluanov.

According to him, Russia needs to stimulate imports to stabilize the ruble exchange rate.

According to First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov, the optimal ruble exchange rate for the economy is estimated at 70-80 rubles by consensus, and it is necessary to return to it as soon as possible.

The Minister of Economic Development of Russia Maxim Reshetnikov, in turn, noted that the strengthening ruble has become a challenge for the Russian economy.

Associate Professor of the Department of Public Policy of Moscow State University, Candidate of Economic Sciences Yuri Yudenkov, in an interview with RT, predicted a further strengthening of the ruble.