Recently, a prototype service station was installed at the development and test center in Woerth (Germany) for liquid hydrogen supplies.

Daimler Truck (the camons division of Mercedes) and Air Liquide recently celebrated the successful completion of the first liquid hydrogen (LH2) refueling.

This is poured at -253°C into two 40-kilogram tanks mounted on either side of the chassis.

Thanks to their excellent insulation, hydrogen can be kept at temperature for a sufficiently long period without active cooling.

In this physical state, the energy density is significantly higher than that of hydrogen gas.

Consequently, a greater quantity of hydrogen can be transported, which considerably increases the autonomy and allows the vehicle to achieve performance comparable to that of a conventional truck.

The development of the production-ready GenH2 truck aims for a range of up to 1,000 kilometers and more.

The start of production of hydrogen trucks is planned for the second half of the decade.


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