Israel: Naftali Bennett announces that he will not be a candidate in the next elections

Resigning Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett arrives at the Knesset for a statement, in Jerusalem, June 29, 2022. AP - Tsafrir Abayov

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While the vote on the dissolution of the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, was postponed from Wednesday June 29 to Thursday June 30, the former Prime Minister announced that he would not stand for re-election in the next legislative elections, scheduled for next fall.

Naftali Bennett explains that he will remain a "

faithful soldier

", serving his country.

However, he does not rule out standing again in future legislative elections, but his immediate choice is above all very pragmatic.


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With our correspondent in Jerusalem,

Sami Boukhelifa

A year ago,

Naftali Bennett rose to the top of the state

, in a consecration.

Nothing until then predestined him to become Prime Minister of Israel.

Because at the end of the legislative elections of March 2021, his Yamina party has barely seven elected deputies.

A fine tactician, he engages in a game of alliances.

He concluded a governance agreement with other right-wing parties – his political side – but also with centre-left parties and even an Islamist party.


most motley coalition

in Israel's history was born.

She brings Naftali Bennet to power, but everything has a price: her well-established electorate on the right will not forgive her for her betrayal, or her unnatural alliance

with her political adversaries


Naftali Bennett is well aware of this, hence his announcement not to stand in the next legislative elections.

With the

future dissolution of the Knesset

, it is its head of diplomacy, Yair Lapid, who becomes transitional prime minister.

Naftali Bennett will remain at his side as alternate prime minister.

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