Citizens hold 24.3% of leadership positions

First Abu Dhabi: 42.2% Emiratisation rate at the end of 2021

Noura Al-Riyasi: "Emiratization programs and initiatives are the basis for developing local competencies."

The First Abu Dhabi Bank affirmed its continued efforts to raise the Emiratisation rate, in line with the UAE Central Bank's plans to promote Emiratisation and increase the participation of national cadres in the banking sector.

Emiratisation rates

Head of the Talent Department, Institutional Development and Emiratisation at the Bank, Noura Al-Riyasi, said that the Emiratisation rates have achieved a significant increase during the past three years, from 1,298 Emirati employees, with a Saudization rate of 33% in 2019, reaching 42.2% and 1,505 Emirati employees at the end of 2021, and an increase It is 12.4% compared to 2020.

She pointed out that the percentage of Emiratisation in leadership positions at First Abu Dhabi Bank reached about 24.3% at the end of 2021, up from 24% in 2020, 17% in 2019 and 8% in 2018, while the number of female nationals working in The bank has grown significantly from 999 female employees in 2019, reaching 1031 female employees in 2020, and 1152 female employees in 2021.

Capacity Development

She stated that developing the skills and capabilities of young Emirati talents is one of the main pillars of the bank's business strategy, as it provides ambitious Emirati nationals with meaningful and diversified career opportunities, starting from basic positions for recent graduates, all the way to senior management positions.

She explained that Emiratisation programs and initiatives are the basis for developing local competencies, as they are a necessary factor to ensure the success of the Bank's business, and to contribute to economic and social development efforts at the national level.

Initiatives and Programs

She pointed out to the bank's various initiatives and Emiratisation programs, foremost of which is the "bankers program", which gives participants a six-month trip that includes three main stages, covering qualifications study, evaluation, job training and group projects.

Emiratisation programs also include the "Nojoom Program for Administrative Training", which is designed to build and enhance the capabilities of young national cadres of Emirati graduates with high potential, and enable them to occupy advanced positions through 12-month training courses.

Al-Riyasi confirmed that the bank has entered into a partnership with the University of Paris 2 "Pantheon-Asas", to provide scholarships to Emirati law students, which enhance their skills and future potential, and help build a knowledge-based economy, noting that the support provided by the Bank to give Emirati students the opportunity to study The law, according to the highest international standards, paves the way for them to lead a successful career in the banking field in the country.

She stated that among the main initiatives that were approved is the "HID Program" (Most Demanded Competencies), which targets Emirati candidates for middle-to-higher positions, which represent jobs at senior management levels at the Bank.

She referred to the cooperation of "First Abu Dhabi" with "Yale University" in order to develop and present the "Prospects for the Financial Sector" program to enhance the skills of Emirati talents in the financial and investment sectors.


An Emirati female employee working for the bank in 2021.

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