The electricity prices for August of the 10 major electric power companies will increase at 4 companies due to the soaring fuel prices of thermal power generation.

On the 29th, major electric power companies announced the electricity charges for August.

With the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the prices of LNG = liquefied natural gas and coal for thermal power generation are soaring, so of the 10 companies, Hokkaido Electric Power Company, Tokyo Electric Power Company, Chubu Electric Power Company, and Kyushu Electric Power Company The price will increase.

When comparing the amount of electricity used by an average household,

the largest increase in price compared to July is TEPCO's increase of 247 yen to 9118 yen.


▽ Chubu Electric Power will increase by 231 yen to 8747 yen,

▽ Hokkaido Electric Power will increase by 99 yen to 8862 yen, and

▽ Kyushu Electric Power will increase by 5 yen to 7276 yen.

Gas charges for August increase at 3 companies

In addition, the gas price for August will also rise in 3 out of 4 major gas companies due to the soaring price of LNG.

Looking at the price increase compared to July in terms of gas charges for households with average usage,

▽ Osaka Gas increased by 89 yen to 6601 yen,

▽ Toho Gas increased by 88 yen to 7223 yen,

▽ Saibu Gas increased by 68 yen.

The yen has risen to 6727 yen.

Gas prices have risen for 12 consecutive months for all three companies.